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    Articles in April 2009

  • Recent developments have left me feeling...
    RISCOS Ltd has released a new RISC OS 6 update, ROOL have published ROM images for all for free, and meanwhile software developers have announced various new versions of their software: but matters most to you and why? Post a comment below to explain your decision, if you wish.
     19 comments, latest by riscosboss on 2/6/09 1:00PM. Published: 30 Apr 2009

  • Bitmap graphics package Photodesk updated
    PD 3.09 users can from this week download a free update: full list of changes here.
     5 comments, latest by CJE on 5/5/09 11:39AM. Published: 30 Apr 2009

  • CJE seeks programmer to resurrect data entry package
    RISC OS dealer CJE Micros is after a C programmer to further develop Dalriada's TableMate Designer II and hopefully produce a 32bit-compatible build. CJE this week confirmed it was able to continue supplying the software to RISC OS end users.
     7 comments, latest by Hoyt on 5/5/09 8:01AM. Published: 30 Apr 2009

  • Text editor StrongED 4.68 available for download
    Drobe favourite StrongED 4.68 is now available: see here for a list of updates.
     2 comments, latest by lym on 3/5/09 12:03PM. Published: 30 Apr 2009

  • Is there a way out of RISC OS version number hell?
    With the two streams of RISC OS being developed separately by RISC OS Open and RISCOS Ltd, the version numbering of the operating system's modules needs to be brought back into check as well as ways of allowing software to determine which features are present in any given OS release. ROL and ROOL are said to be cooperating on how to coordinate this and tonight ROOL staffer Andrew Hodgkinson opened the issue to the community to discuss the technicalities.
     56 comments, latest by adh1003 on 8/5/09 4:44PM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • RISC OS Open 5.14 now available for free download
    As covered over the show weekend, RISC OS Open has merged Castle's final 5.13 release of the OS (which features USB 2 support) with the ROOL shared-source OS that has benefited from contributions from third-party programmers to create an official RISC OS Open 5.14 release. It can now be downloaded for free and softloaded on Iyonixes. An experimental build, version 5.15, is also available for RiscPCs, A7000s and Iyonixes - bringing RISC OS 5 to Acorn-era hardware for the first time.
     10 comments, latest by jess on 5/5/09 9:43AM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • OCR tool STRing updated
    STRing, developed by Mark Beerling, takes images of scanned documents and extracts the text out of them so the words can be reused and edited elsewhere. This new version is reportedly faster and can accept template files to help with its character recognition.
     4 comments, latest by sa110 on 30/4/09 11:51PM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • RISC OS 5 spotted running on RPCEmu
    Tom Walker has been busy - the new experimental RISC OS Open 5.15 ROM for IOMD-chipset computers (RiscPCs and A7000s) can work on open source emulator RPCEmu, as this screenshot shows. Follow the development discussion here and source code changes here.
     12 comments, latest by rjek on 30/4/09 3:15PM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • DigitalCD developer seeks beta testers for version 3.0
    Programmer Andre Timmermans has called for volunteers to test a beta version of the next major release of music player DigitalCD on non-RiscPC computers and to proofread the documentation.
     12 comments, latest by Jon on 29/4/09 4:59PM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • NetSurf reaches version 2.0
    The latest milestone release of the open source web browser for RISC OS, Linux, AmigaOS and other platforms is now available for download. After almost two years of work by volunteer programmers, the team have announced a new HTML parser, SVG support, PDF export, improved page layout and a more complete GTK interface - full details here. Also: a new version of Tinct, a module used by NS for displaying images on RISC OS, is also available for download. Among other updates, Tinct now supports RISC OS 6's new 64K-colour screen modes.
     6 comments, latest by bhtooefr on 29/4/09 4:12AM. Published: 28 Apr 2009

  • Wakefield 2009 wrap-up, photos and video
    The weekend's RISC OS event has been and gone and we've got the rest of our lives to look forward to. Here's a round-up of extra news and Drobe's show-related coverage and some photos taken from Wakefield 2009 - plus a video from the show floor.
     16 comments, latest by AW on 29/4/09 7:41PM. Published: 27 Apr 2009

  • RISC OS 5 pictured running on ARM Cortex-A8 kit
    Picture exclusive - This grainy photograph shows a port of RISC OS 5, sourced from the RISC OS Open project, running on a Beagleboard - a device powered by a 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor with a built-in graphics chip. The port, developed by Jeffrey Lee with help from Uwe Kall and ROOL staff, is seen as a major breakthrough for the shared-source project as it proves the OS can be ported to new hardware without the need for a large team of engineers.
     75 comments, latest by rjek on 30/4/09 3:15PM. Published: 25 Apr 2009

  • Long-awaited Organizer 2 on sale with iCal import and export support
    Version 2 of popular RISC OS life-management software Organizer is to be released on April 29 and will feature support for importing and exporting iCal files, plus a completely overhauled to-do list manager. The program will now be compatible with applications including Apple's iCal Microsoft's Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird and the online Google Calendar, according to publisher Nigel Willmott. Programmer Martin Avison has also given Organizer a new slimline user interface although the old filofax-look can be brought back at the user's discretion.
     7 comments, latest by martin on 1/5/09 9:05AM. Published: 25 Apr 2009

  • Vpod: first pictures of new RiscPC graphics card
    Stuart Tyrrell Developments' graphics accelerator was unveiled today as a RiscPC podule card "designed specifically for RISC OS 6" with 32MB of on-board VRAM, some hardware acceleration and desktop resolutions including 1680x1050 in 16 million colours. The video chip is a SM500-series device from Silicon Motion - as found in the A9home and predicted here first. The card uses a "more advanced version" of the A9home's SM501 video driver. It's also a pure graphics card with no other interfaces, such as USB and networking found in its predecessor, the Unipod. And it costs 149 quid. More updates here
     35 comments, latest by sa110 on 2/5/09 1:10PM. Published: 25 Apr 2009

  • RISCOS Ltd relaunches riscos.com with new design
    While Drobe readers were this week stepping up calls for RISCOS Ltd to revamp its website and fill it with details on the latest versions of the operating system, ROL appears to have been working towards that - and today the company pulled back the red curtain to reveal its redesigned riscos.com website.
     15 comments, latest by bucksboy on 27/4/09 5:44PM. Published: 24 Apr 2009

  • Your 60-second Wakefield 2009 preview
    Thank God it's Friday night - but wait, tomorrow is the Wakefield 2009 show. Here's your quick round-up of what's going to happen on Saturday that hasn't yet been reported on Drobe.
     2 comments, latest by bucksboy on 27/4/09 10:25AM. Published: 24 Apr 2009

  • RISCOS Ltd issues bug-fix update to Select subscribers
    RISCOS Ltd has managed to produce an OS upgrade with no discernable user-facing features because the programming team has been "concentrating on lower-level support and in consolidating and optimising the existing feature set based in part upon feedback from users" - quite possibly the most fanciest way of saying they've fixed bugs and tidied up the code. Although there's little further detail at this point, we'll try our best to uncover precisely what's changed in RISC OS 6.16, aka Select 5i2.
     9 comments, latest by riscosboss on 29/4/09 5:06PM. Published: 21 Apr 2009

  • New family history application available
    R-Comp have announced the release of DP Genealogy Records, a family history package that allows users to build up a full overview of their ancestors' lives. The software is internally powered by their DataPower database engine.
     1 comment, latest by em2ac on 28/4/09 9:50PM. Published: 21 Apr 2009

  • Wakefield 2009 Show is this Saturday
    The Wakefield 2009 Show is this Saturday, April 25. Click the link for exhibitor details and a theatre presentation timetable. A round-up of the show's pre-event news should appear on Drobe later this week.
     1 comment, latest by AW on 22/4/09 12:24AM. Published: 21 Apr 2009

  • New DataPower release marries email with databases
    Version 3.10 of DataPower allows users to send emails generated from databases - useful for sending out invoices or subscription reminders automatically, for example. The free upgrade also features other improvements and bug fixes.
     2 comments, latest by sa110 on 21/4/09 6:31PM. Published: 21 Apr 2009

  • Three student coders picked to work on NetSurf over the summer
    As part of Google Summer of Code 2009, Bo Yang, Paul Blokus and Mark Benjamin will be paid by Google to improve the way NetSurf structures pages in memory (which will help towards achieving JavaScript support), improve the user interface of the GTK+ port and other user interface work, such as removing the need to use a mouse with the open source web browser.
     7 comments, latest by diomus on 21/4/09 9:17PM. Published: 21 Apr 2009

  • Open documents from Windows-using pals with handy online tool
    It can be a pain when someone sends you a file that can only be opened on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux - but with the help of a free-to-use website and NetSurf, Paul Stewart reveals how these documents can be viewed on RISC OS.
     6 comments, latest by AW on 8/5/09 12:12AM. Published: 19 Apr 2009

  • RISC OS 6 in pictures
    Drobe writer Paul Stewart presents an illustrated round-up of his favourite features new to the RISC OS 6 desktop.
     20 comments, latest by sa110 on 23/7/09 10:29PM. Published: 18 Apr 2009

  • Text adventure classic Colossal Caves converted to BASIC
    Gareth Lock has translated the C source code to Colossal Caves to BBC BASIC, documented it and now needs text adventure fans to play test it.
     8 comments, latest by robsmallshire on 23/4/09 2:10PM. Published: 18 Apr 2009

  • Back-up utility SafeStore updated to be network storage friendly
    Version 1.20 provides better support for accessing hard discs attached to a network, according to R-Comp, plus other improvements.
     3 comments, latest by rjek on 20/4/09 1:47PM. Published: 16 Apr 2009

  • RPCEmu Spoon updated to version 0.8.3
    Open source RiscPC emulator has faster dynamic recompiler for 64bit machines, bugs in the ARM emulation fixed, small speed boost to the dynamic recompiler for 32bit machines and other updates.
     3 comments, latest by bucksboy on 18/4/09 6:07PM. Published: 16 Apr 2009

  • ArtWorks 2.9 set for Wakefield 2009 launch
    The latest version of graphics package ArtWorks is set to be unveiled at this month's Wakefield 2009 show - and will allow PNGs and other bitmaps to be exported with alpha transparency intact. Click on the link with NetSurf, Firefox or some other capable browser to see an illustration of the exported translucency effect. The software will also gain extra features to the editing of text, including smart quotes and automatic ligatures, according to developer Martin Wuerthner.
     5 comments, latest by Stewy on 20/4/09 4:05PM. Published: 11 Apr 2009

  • More Vpod rumours surface
    Following on from our earlier exclusive on the cryptically pre-announced Vpod from Stuart Tyrrell Developments, a few more titbits are doing the rounds.
     14 comments, latest by littlebird on 18/4/09 1:43PM. Published: 11 Apr 2009

  • Command-line tool splices and edits video and audio
    First port of MPGTX 1.3 for RISC OS allows users to splice and join MPEG video and MP3 audio. Plus new release of FFmpeg, which can convert videos into formats playable on RISC OS computers.
     19 comments, latest by Anon on 29/5/09 2:02PM. Published: 6 Apr 2009

  • Website management app now supports secure FTP
    SiteMatch can now use psftp to upload files. The app synchronises remote web sites to local copies and can also be used for making incremental backups of directories.
     1 comment, latest by richcheng on 16/4/09 10:28AM. Published: 6 Apr 2009

  • Will Wakefield 2009 see a new graphics card for RISC OS?
    Speculation is mounting that the Vpod, a mysterious new product pre-announced this week, could be a graphics card on a podule for RiscPC-class machines. Well-placed sources have said that the Vpod is not an April Fools joke despite it being hyped up on April 1st by Stuart Tyrrell Developments, which sells the Unipod upgrade and is linked with A9home manufacturer Advantage Six.
     32 comments, latest by sa110 on 8/4/09 7:55AM. Published: 4 Apr 2009

  • RISC OS Now magazine to close this year
    RISC OS Now has been axed by editor Louie Smith and issue 12, due out later this year, will be its final edition, according to reports. The news comes just days after CD-based magazine Foundation RISCWorld announced it had published its last issue.
     3 comments, latest by sa110 on 9/4/09 10:54PM. Published: 4 Apr 2009

  • Were you fooled by our ASCII 'new look'?
    For April Fools Day this year we switched to a recession-friendly white-on-black text design, which was inspired by NTK and Popbitch. We also cruelly made up the news about there being a noughts'n'crosses easter egg in RISC OS - sorry! Thanks to Alex and Justin for coming up with the idea.
     2 comments, latest by rjek on 18/4/09 1:00PM. Published: 4 Apr 2009

  • 'Drobe should be accurately researched'
    Letter of the week - RISCOS Ltd boss Paul Middleton pulls us up for getting his company's directorships wrong.
     33 comments, latest by rjek on 17/4/09 7:11PM. Published: 4 Apr 2009

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