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    Articles in August 2009

  • Beside Drobe, where else do you get your RISC OS news?
    Assuming you use Drobe as one of your sources of RISC OS news, where else do you look for the latest information?
     2 comments, latest by diomus on 30/8/09 10:35PM. Published: 30 Aug 2009

  • ARM-powered computer firm in RISC OS port talks
    US-based company Genesi, which builds ARM Cortex-powered appliances that could be compatible with the RISC OS Open Beagleboard work, is said to be in talks with RISC OS companies over a possible port of the OS to its products. It's hoped ROS 5 could be made to run on the lightweight EFIKA MX Open Client, which sports a 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor, 3D graphics hardware, 512M RAM, wifi networking and more. Genesi analyst Matt Sealey said: "RISC OS is really popular in the UK and the last dedicated RISC OS box - the Iyonix - has been discontinued for six months. We are currently questioning the relevant companies in the UK, including [ROS 5 owners] Castle, about collaboration and marketing efforts, and the support they'd need to make it a reality." The EFIKA MX Open Client costs about 160 quid in real money.
     71 comments, latest by rjek on 7/9/09 9:03PM. Published: 30 Aug 2009

  • RISC OS Open seeks rep for Acorn World event
    RISC OS Open has appealed for someone familiar with shared source RISC OS 5 to give a speech about the project at this year's Acorn World show. ROOL chief Steve Revill said: "This is an exciting opportunity for us to talk to people who may not be regulars on the RISC OS show scene about the shared source project and all of the interesting community developments that have come out of it. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, we here at ROOL find ourselves unable to attend. We are frustrated by this development but rather than pull out completely, we would like to invite one or more enthusiastic members of the community to go along and represent us."
     7 comments, latest by Hairy on 1/9/09 11:07PM. Published: 30 Aug 2009

  • Firefox port updated to release number eight
    A new version of the RISC OS port of open source web browser Firefox was published earlier this month, making it the eighth such release. This bug-fix update brings the software in line with Firefox for other platforms.
     19 comments, latest by DrWhich on 6/9/09 11:59AM. Published: 27 Aug 2009

  • Watch the trailer of BBC's Acorn versus Sinclair history docu-drama
    The BBC have a uploaded a trailer on the BBC 4 website showing scenes from Micro Men, a drama that "provides an affectionately comic account of the race for home computer supremacy in the 1980s". It was previously titled Syntax Era, but the name was changed after executives feared non-geeks wouldn't get the pun. The programme charts the battle between Acorn and Sinclair, and stars Martin Freeman (The Office) as Acorn co-founder Chris Curry and Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong and Miller) as Sir Clive Sinclair.
     23 comments, latest by diomus on 3/9/09 11:18PM. Published: 21 Aug 2009

  • Archimedes emulator Arculator updated
    Tom "RPCEmu" Walker has updated Arculator, his Acorn Archimedes hardware emulator for Windows users, to version 0.99. It now features A3010 joystick emulation, ICS IDE interface emulation and numerous improvements and tweaks.
     3 comments, latest by Pete on 20/8/09 11:37AM. Published: 16 Aug 2009

  • RISCWorld mag back-issues reprinted online for free
    Volumes 1 to 8 of RISCWorld, a now defunct bi-monthly CD magazine, can now be read for free online. The extensive archive dates from March 2000 through to April 2008, although the latest volume, number nine, is still on sale and has not been published for all to peruse. The articles cover a range of topics from programming tutorials to reviews and news, which provide a welcomed boost in online documentation of the RISC OS platform, as well as wonderfully hilarious rants like this one by RW editor Aaron Timbrell.
     71 comments, latest by rjek on 25/8/09 2:44PM. Published: 16 Aug 2009

  • Prof Steve Furber joins Acorn World 2009 talks
    Prof Steve Furber, one of the masterminds behind Acorn's 8bit microcomputer, has been booked to give a talk at this year's Acorn World show next month in Huddersfield. Matthew Atkinson, author of REPTON 3, will also be a guest at the show, and RISC OS Open will also give a presentation at the retro-themed event. Meanwhile, the RISC OS London 2009 show has confirmed more exhibitors and speakers.
     3 comments, latest by jonesd98 on 19/8/09 3:50PM. Published: 16 Aug 2009

  • Prototype Acorn Unix-powered A680 lands on eBay
    A rare Acorn A680 running an ARM port of BSD 4.3 has hit online auction site eBay with a minimum opening bid of 100 quid. According to the seller, believed to be ROL's Paul Middleton, there are only a half a dozen of these pre-production systems left in existence. The A680 was developed by Acorn for Olivetti in 1988, and features an ARM2, 8MB of RAM, a 66MB hard drive and an early version of Acorn 4.3 BSD Unix kernel in ROM.
     13 comments, latest by diomus on 25/8/09 12:09AM. Published: 16 Aug 2009

  • Dual-head DVI ViewFinder graphics card announced
    A dual-head DVI-capable ViewFinder graphics card for RiscPCs and A7000s was announced today by hardware guru John Kortink. This new kit, which connects off-the-shelf PC hardware to legacy Acorn machines, allows punters to hook two DVI-quality monitors to their RISC OS computers.
     60 comments, latest by Stoppers on 10/9/09 8:55PM. Published: 14 Aug 2009

  • NetSurf on RISC OS faces axe
    Support for the RISC OS port of open source web browser NetSurf could be dropped as the project focuses on future development. The ROS flavour of the software hasn't been worked on for more than two years - although the browser core is being actively improved - sparking concerns by the development team. In a mailing list post today, the group appealed for a RISC OS programmer to take on the role of maintaining NetSurf for ROS. NetSurf was first developed for RISC OS desktops but later branched out to other platforms, including Linux.
     81 comments, latest by em2ac on 10/9/09 7:07AM. Published: 6 Aug 2009

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