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Wakefield 2004 winner list revealed

By Chris Williams. Published: 30th May 2004, 23:17:54 | Permalink | Printable

Iyonix cash vouchers unwanted

Wakefield 2004 According to the official list of Wakefield show prize draw winners, a number of the Castle Iyonix vouchers appear to be the only unclaimed items.

While lucky punters walked away from the show weekend with prizes ranging from copies of VirtualRiscPC to a UniPod, 700UKP worth of Iyonix 'money off' vouchers "remained unclaimed by the end of the show". The vouchers carried a condition that they had to be spent at the show, although they could have been used in conjunction with other Iyonix special offers.

As reported earlier this week, Daniel Hanlon nabbed the show grand prize of an A6+, which is STD's WindowsXP powered PC that uses the VirtualRiscPC emulator, while Dave Foss picked up a UniPod. Joan Wilkinson and one other ticket holder won copies of VirtualRiscPC-SE, and also, a special mention goes to Ian Whitmore, who bagged an ARM Club t-shirt. Top stuff.

If you know any of the listed people, feel free to remind them for us that it's good to share.


Wakefield show prize winners - original prize details Wakefield show website

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I'm not really very good at maths, but looking at the figures from another angle I may be O.K. Does that UKP500 voucher from Castle equate to about 40% off the price of an Iyonixs in the U.K.? The price of an Iyonixs in New Zealand makes the UKP500 about 20% off the price of an Iyonixs!! Maybe I better go to Wakefield 2005 next year and bring some goodies home ;-) Cheers, Steve.

 is a RISC OS UserSawadee on 31/5/04 9:16AM
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The A6 winning number was just three away from mine. Huh.

Still, can't complain, since I won something anyway.

 is a RISC OS UserSimonC on 31/5/04 12:21PM
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simonc: so what did you buy with your 20UKP off?

Chris. Just me.

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 31/5/04 4:24PM
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That was the tricky bit. I ended up with a spare motherboard, not quite trusting mine after a few bits of highly amateurish soldering.

 is a RISC OS UserSimonC on 31/5/04 8:26PM
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I don't really want to fire up the charity stall discussion again rage some people would have obviously salvaged some hard to come by treasures for sure :biggrin: but did anyone consider (or do you know) how much was sold compared to how much was dumped? :smash: Cheers, Steve

 is a RISC OS UserSawadee on 1/6/04 4:42AM
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In reply to Sawadee:

You're probably better off asking the organisors of the show that particular question rather than risk (or perhaps that should be risc) starting that particular thread again. Try contacting Chris Hughes or any of the other WROCC members.

Don't take this as a dig, I just think there are better ways of finding out information like that rather than a public forum such as this. If you don't get an answer from them, then ask here or in the news groups.

Regards Col

 is a RISC OS UserCol1 on 1/6/04 12:15PM
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Ah, newsgroups. A place of learned, intellectual intercourse and a font of truth and knowledge.

 is a RISC OS UserSpriteman on 1/6/04 2:34PM
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I've obviously missed that particular group. What was its name again? ;-)

 is a RISC OS Usermarkee174 on 1/6/04 2:39PM
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fount, please ;-)

 is a RISC OS Usernunfetishist on 1/6/04 2:58PM
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Yes madam, how many? :-p

 is a RISC OS UserMart on 1/6/04 5:45PM
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How do you do that Rage smilie again? And can we have some more animated like that? It's *very* funky.

And, before anyone does it, don't just type the smilie in so the icon appears! That wouldn't be big, nor hard, nor clever, would it.

And in the spirit of drobe OTness, congrats to the winners. I'm really interested in the topic too. Honest :).

 is a RISC OS Usermd0u80c9 on 1/6/04 5:48PM
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If you click the 'show help' button, then you'll quite clearly see that rage is done like so: rage


 is a RISC OS UserPhlamethrower on 1/6/04 7:42PM
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Bah! Should have checked to see that :p was :-p first, shouldn't I?

 is a RISC OS UserPhlamethrower on 1/6/04 7:42PM
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