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Vantage list closed down

By Chris Williams. Published: 21st Oct 2004, 23:43:07 | Permalink | Printable

[Updated] New list opened

Vantage logoArticle Seven has tonight closed its mailing list for users of Vantage. Given the reported absence of communication between Cerilica and its customers, the mailing list was the one of the only ways in which fellow users could share their misfortunes with the vector graphics package.

"The list currently uses a majordomo installation on my web server. Each time I change server, I have to make arrangements for a fresh installation, which is a logistical and financial burden," explained Andrew Green of Article Seven. Andrew's willing to keep a copy of subscribed email addresses in case a new list appears.

He added: "Since I'm no longer involved in the RISC OS scene, and given the circumstances surrounding the product, it's a burden I'm reluctant to keep taking. My server has been experiencing major filesystem problems today, necessitating a hasty migration to a new machine. I don't want to complicate this by introducing majordomo into the mix."

Mike Morris, a list subscriber, this evening commented: "Well, I guess that's it then. For me the existence of the list symbolised some sort of hope for Vantage. It feels, in a sense, almost like the final nail in its coffin - though I do hope I'm wrong."

Vantage was initially launched in 1999, but wasn't considered stable until version 1.10, which was released in 2003. This year, users were finding Vantage increasingly difficult to use, were unable to contact Cerilica and were further hampered by the software's anti-piracy system.

Version 1.11 was released with the anti-piracy system removed but problems still infuriated many users, including the lack of a 32 bit compatible version. Simon Birtwistle, Vantage's author, once infamously told his users via the list that they would be better off using Artworks 2.

Update at 16:30 22/10/2004
Kris Adcock has set up a new mailing list, which users will have to re-subscribe to as Article Seven will be deleting their subscriber list soon to prevent accusations of nefarious activities with people's addresses.

To join the new list, send an email to geek [at] danceswithferrets [dot] org with the subject line "subscribe vantage".


Cerilica website

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This got rave reviews when it first came out. Sadly, those reviews have come to accurately say more about the lack of effort put in by some software reviewers, than about the product being reviewed. Vantage was also seriously expensive; reviewers should have taken more care, or been more honest, in identifying problems with vantage. And yet, by most accounts, the killer app potential is there. It'd be great, even now, if Simon could perfect it.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 22/10/04 12:14AM
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If what Simon said was true, then he went and did a Gerald Ratner (url:[link]) on his own software. Like Ratner, perhaps his state of mind at the time led to his comment about being better off using AW2.

Let's hope it gets rescued.

 is a RISC OS Usersascott on 22/10/04 2:21AM
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"Final nail in it's coffin" sounds like getting one's fingers burnt in a cremation process. While Vantage has not experienced a good run in business lately, Artworks2 just seems to be on top of progress and it's business.

 is a RISC OS UserSawadee on 22/10/04 2:26AM
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Martin: Trouble is, negative reviews seemed (seem?) to be a definite nono in the RISC OS world, at least for a long time after I became involved in RISC OS I only remember reading a very limited number of negative reviews - no matter what crap was being released. Things have changed somewhat but maybe a little to late one must ask.

 is a RISC OS UserGulli on 22/10/04 4:10AM
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Can somebody else not take on the responsibility of hosting the mailing list? This would relieve the major burden from Andrew, so they only have to keep in touch with people on the list, instead of mainainting the list as well. There are pleanty of free mailing lists available on the web!

 is a RISC OS UserSmiler on 22/10/04 7:40AM
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