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Cocognut free release confirmed

By Chris Williams. Published: 31st May 2005, 17:50:26 | Permalink | Printable

Paying punters get their hands on new version first

Cocognut logoMarc Warne has confirmed that his peer to peer filesharing software will be freely released later this week. The commercial RISC OS Gnutella network client, Cocognut, will be "available to all, with technical support and good karma provided to those who decide to donate money", according to Marc.

Users who have previously paid for the software today received a substantial update, which included ultrapeer support, firewall detection, and various other bug fixes and improvements. It's expected that the free version will be up for download some time after a few days, once Marc's collected suitable feedback from paying punters.

In February, earlier this year, Marc first openly considered releasing his software for free, which started life as a final year university project.

Marc told his customers this afternoon, "I am extremely thankful to all who have already bought and supported CocoGnut as its development would probably not have possible without your support. Those who have already paid will naturally continue to have free technical support."

The developer also told us that he intends to spend donations on RISC OS related kit, which Marc says "keeps the money in the RISC OS market", or send it to charities. Cocognut was first released in 2003, and allows users to search for media and other types of files distributed via the Gnutella filesharing network, and download and upload content. The Gnutella network is a 'decentralised' system, as it has no central organisation for authorities to shut down as part of their ongoing battle against copyright violations.


Cocognut website

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I'm very tempted to disallow downloads and uploads of files with the words 'crazy frog' in the filename ;-)

Marc (having heard the ads downstairs, yet again)

 is a RISC OS Usercocodude on 31/5/05 6:31PM
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Thanks Marc :)

This is really a superb gift and I think we have, besides Marc ofcourse, the buyers and supporters of Cocognut to thank for this as well, as the program would not have developed this far otherwise!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say something about music copyrights. Many welcome the opportunity to 'freely' download music of various artists, but please consider the damage it does if you consequently don't buy it, not just to (especially small and medium-sized) record companies, but strongly to the artists as well. It simply destroys the ability for record companies to release new and exciting (or experimental) bands/artists and I have seen quite a few legendary, excellent, but smaller labels go down, because some people refuse to pay what they think is too much for their desired music... I can say much more on the subject, but I've gone a bit far OT now already, so if you'd like to read a very well written article about it on a great label, please check out



 is a RISC OS UserhEgelia on 31/5/05 6:50PM
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I agree in general with what you have to say. Small/medium-sized record companies do need the continued funding in order to survive. In the future, I am certainly considering buying more from smaller companies instead of RIAA and MPAA members (the majority of commercial music is by RIAA members, and the majority of films by MPAA members). My CD collection increased significantly when I started trialling music, but I'm not so keen on buying RIAA music now that I could be a potential target of their/BPI's law suits - they really need to utilise the Internet, not attempt to restrict the distribution methods available. Also, concerning films, I'm not happy with the MPAA attempting to make peer-to-peer networks illegal - there are so many legal uses for them (previously tried to outlaw VCRs, now p2p).

[link] - Music Activism [link] - General fair use/online rights protection

If anyone is considering donating to CocoGnut, please hold for a few days first while I decide exactly what to do.

 is a RISC OS Usercocodude on 31/5/05 7:10PM
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Marc, excellant piece of software. Nice updated GUI. Carry on the good programming!

 is a RISC OS Usersa110 on 31/5/05 9:15PM
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In reply to hEgelia: Well said.

I am no fan of the record companies, CDs are overpriced (and what a windfall from vinyl owners buying their music all over again) and their attitude to the Net has been luddite until recently. BUT, none of that justifies stealing from them and their artists.

Just like Microsoft, if you don't like the company's approach then spend your money elsewhere but don't steal from them. Theft has no moral basis.

None of this is a criticism of Marc and his software; always good to see programmers embracing our platform and, from what I've read, Marc's is another good product.

 is a RISC OS UserTonyStill on 31/5/05 9:55PM
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In reply to TonyStill:

Sorry, just one quick comment. It is the record/movie industry's spin that calls downloading music and films 'theft'. An item is not taken nor damaged - it really is quite different from theft. I believe there is no way that downloading a song is the same as going into a store and stealing it - no money is actually lost directly by downloading a copyrighted work. Please call it 'copyright infringement' and nothing else - it isn't even piracy.

Also, I do not think their approach to the net has become any better really. They want to rise the price of downloads from iTunes et al, and their songs are generally so wrapped up in DRM that it's impossible to exercise your fair use rights. Think not being able to convert a song you paid for into MP3 format to put on your MP3 player or even your RISC OS machine. The way things are going, it'll also soon be illegal to tape things from the telly (look up information on the 'broadcast flag').

Other than that, I do agree that the best thing to do is to spend your money elsewhere, if possible. However, sometimes there really isn't the choice.

 is a RISC OS Usercocodude on 31/5/05 10:30PM
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In reply to cocodude: Yes, it's a tricky one isn't it.

I think it's a matter of viewpoint: They did the work, you have the product, they didn't get paid. That's why I agree with calling it theft.

Another way of looking at it is that they have a bundle of expenses (including eating and other basics, as well as studios and things). If no-one paid for their product, they would have to stop producing it and go do something that they did get paid for. That feels wrong to me.

Trouble is, the record companies are such a hopeless bunch of rip-off merchants that it's painful to defend them. I still think it's wrong to take for nothing a thing which they produced with the notion of selling it.

I would take a dim view of someone using my commercial RISC OS product without paying me (and the other people that laboured to bring it to market). And that's regardless of whether they physically stole a CD copy or merely reproduced the pattern of bits from someone else's hard drive. Just my opinion.

 is a RISC OS UserTonyStill on 31/5/05 11:03PM
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thnks for the release-

Any chance of a RISC OS port of AllOfMP3 ecplorer?

I love that site! (www.allofmp3.com)

and to match it with RISC OS wel... match made in heaven.

Pay for site that goes against the grain :@P blaintantly made for our little OS.

 is a RISC OS Userem2ac on 31/5/05 11:28PM
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The main use for music of peer to peer for me is to find rare live recordings and interesting remixes of songs. Things that are not available commercially.

 is a RISC OS Userjess on 1/6/05 12:11AM
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TonyStill: "Trouble is, the record companies are such a hopeless bunch of rip-off merchants that it's painful to defend them."

Have you ever checked the costs involved from producing a CD to actually having it on the shelves? Have you ever looked into the significant risk some small, independent labels expose themselves to to bring you and me great, new and innovating music? I pay the 13-19 euros to support all costs involved, meaning artist/band (incl. studio rent), record company (advertising, free promo copies), cd / booklet pressing, release / broadcast fees, distribution / logistics and record store (and VAT). It adds up, at least where I come from.

I say there's no problem with downloading music, if you like it, buy it, if you don't, delete it to stop it wasting space and letting anybody else download it from your harddisc. Indeed I believe in many cases p2p spreading/sharing of music has helped many artists get recognised and one can see more and more bands taking advantage of the global net.

 is a RISC OS UserhEgelia on 1/6/05 12:56AM
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Erm to be honest, BMG, RIAA (NEVER GO TO THEIR WEBSITE< It took me 30 mins to give up!) make so much money out of CDs. My Mate went to do this and gave up

about 7 of a CD is what goes into production and Artist ect. payment, the rest (minus the 50p that the shops take) goes into their pockets, thats over 5 some times

5 * the thousands in one batch? who makes the profits...down with the big labels, up with the small ones, and up with site like allofmp3 ect :@P

PS I went on their website to track the re-mastered version of the pearlfishers LP, I still havn't managed to find it, anyone know where I can get it from?

 is a RISC OS Userem2ac on 1/6/05 8:33AM
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"Have you ever checked the costs involved from producing a CD to actually having it on the shelves?"

Isn't this precisely the point about accessing music on the 'net? The costs could be drastically reduced by taking out the cd / booklet pressing, distribution / logistics and record store costs.

The problem is that there are lots of people employed through this process who would probably lose their jobs if more music was distributed via the Internet, and I have some sympathy with them trying to avoid this.

Your pragmatic approach is surely sensible ("downloading is okay as long as you buy what you like"), but the major record labels need to grasp this as well or they're going to end up making things far worse.

 is a RISC OS Userflypig on 1/6/05 11:41AM
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[link] The costs of producing a CD

 is a RISC OS Usermavhc on 1/6/05 12:45PM
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flypig: Yes, that's absolutely right, and many bands/acts are now distributing via the net and it works very well :) The problem is: There are some big, major, nasty record companies who wish to own/control it all, they are seeing a better way emerge (for both artists and fans) over which they have no control and thru which they lose their dictator / censorship. Through their influence / propaganda they are demonizing it, because they are losing both the artist and the income. Some of those big bad record companies are so rotten, if they can't have their way, they want to ruin it for others as well :( Hence some of the ridiculous draconian, propositions made by them.

Many people also like to buy music the old-fashioned way and I do too. I love my cd collection, it is sacred :) So, record stores, either online or in the streets, will remain and so will the jobs associated with them. :)

The major record labels are messing it up for the smaller, independent ones and ripping off the artists while they're at it... The system they are heading for is absurd and an insult to us and the artistic freedom they should be representing.

mavhc: A very interesting read, thanks :)

 is a RISC OS UserhEgelia on 2/6/05 9:07AM
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