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3D space shooter game planned

Published: 4th Jun 2006, 19:05:31 | Permalink | Printable

Tribbeck finds another project

Screenshot of an early ACED buildJason Tribbeck has said he will produce a RISC OS version of a 3D space battle game currently in development. Described as 'Elite without the trading' and 'Starship Command in 3D', ACED is expected to be released freely once finished, with an open beta testing scheme for players to join initially.

The game is cross-platform, and uses SDL so it can run on RISC OS, Windows, x86 Linux, Mac OS X and on the ARM-powered GP2X hand-held console. The gameplay revolves around flying through space and blasting enemies; the graphics at the moment remind us of golden oldie Magnetoids.

Jason, who ported Dune II to the Acorn platform, told users: "ACED's mostly there, and I'll start a RISC OS version this weekend."

When asked if this will turn into another 'slow boil project', Jason added: "This one really should be finished - I know it often doesn't seem that way. I'm using it as training for the GP2X. Over Christmas, I've been building a car, which took up all my spare time, but now I'm waiting for bits and I've got a large hole in my schedule."

A beta version for Windows users is available now for download. Jason's other game in development, Equinox, is still on his todo list to finish. He had to abandon his other title, ArcCommand, due to legal issues surrounding the game. He also worked on operating system components included in the A9home, such as the IDEFS Filer.


ACED website with work-in-progress screenshots Acornarcade forum thread on ACED

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This is wonderful news. New games development is always welcome.

 is a RISC OS Usersa110 on 4/6/06 9:52PM
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Hooray !!!!!

SDL is a blessing for riscos and other small platforms example: [link]

 is a RISC OS Userhighlandcattle on 4/6/06 9:57PM
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Actually, the RISC OS version doesn't use SDL (but the others do).

RISC OS first release should be this week (I started the platform specific stuff today, after tidying up some of the other loose ends).

It simlarity to Magentoids has just been pointed out to me; to be honest, I'd never seen Magentoids until now.

 is a RISC OS Usertribbles2 on 4/6/06 10:12PM
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Perhaps might be best if it's not billed as 'Starship Command in 3D'? Don't wanna risk having ACED axed ;-)

Thanks for your efforts over the years. ArcCommand was very fun and I was almost getting good at it. I became totally addicted to Dune II and got a huge sense of achievement from completing that. (Sad, perhaps, but the therapy helped.) I very much look forward to seeing ACED.

 is a RISC OS UserStewy on 5/6/06 12:53AM
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The problem with ArcCommand was that it was too close to the original - and (probably the biggest problem) paid homage to it. The graphics were very similar, the screen layout almost identical, the shields system the same. The AI was subtly different though (it had been rewritten from scratch), but it was still meant to be a clone.

 is a RISC OS Usertribbles2 on 5/6/06 11:17AM
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Hey Jason, do you need some help designing enemies? I would love to help but I do have exams at the moment.

 is a RISC OS Userhighlandcattle on 5/6/06 12:46PM
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Thanks for the offer - it's not normally the design of the enemies that's the time consuming element - it's the AI that goes behind them (with all the testing). I've got one more enemy to design, and then put in its intelligence; that'll be the core of the game sorted out (so it'll just be all the graphics and stuff to go with it all).

 is a RISC OS Usertribbles2 on 5/6/06 1:25PM
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