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Merry Christmas

By Chris Williams. Published: 24th Dec 2006, 11:48:53 | Permalink | Printable

And a happy new year!

Miss Santa!Editorial - As another year manages to give us the slip, it's time to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and raise a glass to the past twelve months.

2006 has had its fair share of ups and downs, from the emergence of RISC OS Open and Select 4 RISC OS 6 to strict new EU green regulations and a bank that froze punters' online bank accounts. We've seen new and updated software, the official unveiling of new ARM9-powered hardware, a new bimonthly magazine, and several shows held around the UK and Europe. As cliched as it sounds, we can only hope 2007 builds on the foundations laid by 2006.

This year also saw the syndication of drobe.co.uk in Archive magazine, where the best bits of news and comments are written up into a monthly column. As always, the site is a team effort, and many people play a part in each article even if their name isn't on the 'by line'.

Many thanks to all our contributors this year: Paul Stewart, Chris Johnson, Martin Hansen, Reginald Whitlock, Josh Eilken, Mark Stephens, Gavin Wraith, Michael Gerbracht, Charles Duckworth, Rob Kendrick, Peter Scheele, David Llewellyn-Jones, Chris Wraight, and Kees Meijer.

Also, a big thank you to Tony Moore, Ian Chamberlain, John-Mark Bell, Mike Drake and the rest of the news desk contributors, and to Ian Hawkins, the drobe webmaster who keeps the entire show on the road.

Top 10 articles of 2006
1. Sir Robin leaves ARM
2. How to upgrade an A9home's hard disc
3. RISC OS features in plain english
4. Remote desktop apps compared
5. ROX desktop in new Debian package
6. 'Why we love drag and drop on RISC OS'
7. A9home first impressions review
8. Delving inside a RiscPC emulator
9. RISC OS found on Pocket PC PDA
10. RISC OS 4 caught on Mac OS X
If you want to help out, from writing articles to forwarding news and gossip, just drop us an email.

In 2006, we served on average 425,000 pages of content a month, totalling over five million pages (46,000,000 files) since the start of the year - this doesn't include the forums and other parts of the site. The statistics show a year-on-year increase in traffic, which is always encouraging for a niche platform. Although some people are quick to point out the obvious flaws in our favourite operating system, I think we're doing surprisingly well compared to similar minority platforms.

A growing number of readers are non-RISC OS users who spot our articles when they're syndicated on larger IT news websites - the top 10 most read articles for 2006 certainly reflects this. With twice as many visitors as second place, the most popular article of the year was 'Sir Robin leaves ARM'. In second place comes 'How to upgrade an A9home's hard disc', and in third position, 'RISC OS features in plain english'. It would appear that feature articles were certainly the most popular additions to the site, so this'll be something I hope we can focus on more next year.

Thanks to everyone who read the site, passed us news tips, sent in show photos and other files, added to the thousands of comments posted, got into arguments, resolved technical queries, and helped make drobe.co.uk what it is.

Drobe will return in 2007.


Vote in this year's Best of 2006 awards! Send us news, reviews, gossip, rants, anything you like

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for his sterling work this last year keeping us all informed of the goings on in the RISC OS world. It's quite often a thankless task and our platform would be all the poorer without his efforts.

 is a RISC OS Userjmb on 24/12/06 1:03PM
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Chris's task is certainly a difficult one, as he's essentially the only person who does what he does - and some of the more well-known faces in our community seem to forget this when they give him a hard time. The loss of drobe would be a loss for the community as a whole. Keep up the good work, including keeping druck distracted with tarty pictures :)

 is a RISC OS Userrjek on 24/12/06 3:02PM
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Thankyou to drobe, especially for the seasonal tottie, niiiice. Happy christmas to everyone.

 is a RISC OS Userdruck on 24/12/06 4:58PM
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An honorary mention in the Drobe awards for Drobe, methinks. Well done Chris and all. And calling that nice young lady "tarty" was just plain mean.

Happy Christmas, RISC OS people: We're still alive and kicking!

 is a RISC OS UserTonyStill on 24/12/06 11:12PM
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Merry Christmas from Australia to Chris, the drobe team and everyone else!

Eat some turkey for me .. please =) -- Sprite

 is a RISC OS UserSpriteman on 25/12/06 12:02PM
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I'd echo the comments of jmb and rjek, Chris does a fantastic job and drobe does no small service in keeping the RISC OS platform going.

So let me add my best wishes and thanks to Chris and Ian and the drobe team of contributors who certainly liven up the scene.

And of course a belated Happy Christmas to all.

 is a RISC OS UserAMS on 27/12/06 4:32PM
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