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RISC OS Connect project lacking support

Published: 2nd Oct 2007, 20:34:17 | Permalink | Printable

Focus could shift from charity to collaborative efforts

RISC OS Connect logoA charity-backed project set up to fund future RISC OS software development has so far gained little interest, it was revealed today. In a progress update to members of the RISC OS Connect mailing list, the project's founder Graham Shaw said he had hoped for "a core of activists" to step forward to help out.

The RISC OS Connect project was formed in May following a fringe meeting at the Wakefield 2007 event. It was hoped a charity could eventually be set up to bankroll a website offering cash and other resources to RISC OS software and product developers. Graham had produced a web-based database for people to add their details to.

Admitting that "a status report is long overdue", he said today: "The membership database is complete, but there seems to be little interest from potential members - even taking into account the very limited steps taken so far to attract members.

"No doubt the number could be raised with further encouragement, but for my original ideas to work there really needs to be a core of activists who don't need any encouragement in order to drive things forward."

Meanwhile, Paul Stewart has been working on a skills database, according to Graham. This is an online system that allows people to collaboratively work together by advertising their skills and seeking the help of others.

Graham added: "This is perhaps a better type of project to be concentrating on at the moment, as it can be justified as useful in its own right regardless of whether there is any organisation to support it."


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Speaking as a developer, its not really money we need, but rather time, and that side of the project rather than concentrating on cash handouts is what would be better to push.

We have many talented RISC OS users who although not programmers could easily take over some of the time consuming non coding side of development, and even do a better job than us code monkeys, who often find such things very tedious. Everything from the initial ideas, the design spec, user interface window and icon design, help files and other documentation, and coordinating testing and bug fixing.

 is a RISC OS Userdruck on 3/10/07 9:27AM
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RISC OS Connect was never only just about money.

In fact it was much more about your points

 is a RISC OS Userepistaxsis on 3/10/07 3:51PM
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I think this a fundemental problem all round. People want things done, but are not willing to chip in. Whilst no new products is affecting RISC OS as a whole, apathy will finally kill it off. We have become too reliant on a relatively few people, and when they don't have the time to work for RISC OS there is no-one to fill the gap. Most RISC OS programmers now have real jobs, and don't have the time or energy after a hard days slog to start serious RO programming.

 is a RISC OS User2307 on 3/10/07 8:29PM
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In Reply to 2037

Well, it is a sad fact that day jobs get in the way of things as well as families. At the moment some of us in MUG are organising the Xmas Show and that takes some of my free time up and also I have just written an article for publication in a RISC OS mag. This has meant that I couldn't commit time to RISC OS Connect just yet but hopefully once the show is done then I'll add my skills to the database and see where I can help in doing testing , writing a manual or perhaps anything else that I can.

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 3/10/07 10:11PM
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I don't really undersand this at all. What is "RISC OS Connect" trying to acheive that couldn't have been done better on a well maintained riscos.info wiki page? Why has it taken 3 months to get (please correct me if I'm wrong) nowhere? I hate to say it but it seems more like this has added to the problem (e.g. people spending time re-inventing the wheel) rather than helped. :(


 is a RISC OS Useradamr on 4/10/07 10:41AM
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