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Voting opens for CodeCraft 3

Published: 17th Sep 2001, 11:48:14 | Permalink | Printable

Slimline demos that reveal the strength of RISC OS machines available for download

Time's up: put away those assembler tools and give that code compressor a break, it's time to vote CodeCraft 3's winning demos.

CodeCraft 3 tests not only the ability of today's RISC OS hardware but also the skill of a coder to fit as much as possible into 4 Kb or less. The CC 3 entries are of a very high standard and you are invited to vote for your favourite entries. The entries were divided into the following catagories, depending on their file sizes:

1024 byte demos
This can be a demo or game- originality and the ability to squeeze the most into 1024 bytes are of utmost importance. A 1k demo entry must be single executable and rely on no other code or files, bar OS ROM calls and screenmode definition files. Entries include (in alphabetical order):

  • ASphere, two revolving 3D objects wrapped around an invisible sphere producing a very interesting visual effect.
  • BiLiZo, the CC 3 invitation demo using some very funky bi-linear zooming
  • BinFlare, impressive motion blur fun with a constantly shifting and zooming pattern
  • bOing, mechanics maths engine which provides a simple object for you to hurl around and fiddle with
  • Demo6401, get retro with this old school style demo- it's like 1992 all over again :)
  • Game, guess the number game with multiple levels of difficulty
  • Ic, an excellent Worms style game with stick men
  • lyt, quite a funny one: imagine your desktop's had a power cut and you've only got a pocket torch to hand
  • PinsInSpace, a very cool backdrop animator. This will impress your PC friends especially as the pinboard still works on top of the animation.
  • rmccdemo, generates a lanscape in 16 million colours using smoth shading and a few other tricks too
  • Shine, employs volumetric light effects to create an awesome illuminated ball display
  • Sort_1k, it slices, it dices, it sorts. This demo graphical illustrates various data sorting methods.

2048 byte tools
This should provide a useful service or purpose, while demonstrating your coding ability. Any number of files may be present, provided the total file size does not exceed 2048 bytes. Entries include (in alphabetical order):

  • Blanka, uses demos as screen savers. Example screen savers provided (which are pretty neat in themselves).
  • Booter, scans through your hard disc and builds up an obey file and spritefile that will allow you to boot all your applications and *iconsprite all your applications' icons in one go.
  • BrainF, an intrepeter for a programming language by Urban Mueller. This will mess with your head when you see it
  • CopyMove, this reverses the Filer action when dragging files: drag files to move, shift+drag to copy.
  • Rebas, this unlocks BASIC programs that try to disguise themselves as absolute files. Works on WebsterXL.

4096 byte demos
As a 1k demo, except the maximum size for the executabe is 4096 bytes. This will give you some extra breathing space; use it wisely as most coders opt for a soundtrack, no mater how minimal, to pull in the voters. Entries include (in alphabetical order):

  • 4kbt, with a funkai sound track and a mix of fire effects with sprite plotting, it even manages to fit in some greets
  • Blunt, hover around a shape shifting cube set in a room of distorted colours. Surreal.
  • Voxie, after a cheerful welcome message and warp effect, you're invited to scoot around an extremely hilly alien world

4096 byte music demo
This is aimed at coders with musical skill as this is a purely audio only catagory, any visual effects are banned. Effectively, you should fit both the sound playing code and the music data in one executable file that does not exceed 4096 bytes. No other code or files can be used, bar OS ROM calls. Entries include:

  • Ranax, experimenting with generating random music. It actually works rather well.

All the demos are stable, exit back to the desktop and each provide full information and source. So please support CC3, download the demos, see what your RISC OS machine can do with code that's smaller than most of my emails and vote for your favourites using the form on the CC 3 webpage. Have fun.

Code Craft 3 (voting closes 30th September)

Chris Williams

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