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Acornuser magazine editor switch

Published: 31st Oct 2001, 03:27:12 | Permalink | Printable

Steve Turnbull steps down, who will step up?

This article has comments on drobe.co.uk.
Click here to read the article on myriscos.co.uk.

Incidentally, at RISC OS 2001, drobe editor Chris bumped into AU's new editor. At the time, the AU-editor-to-be had be meaning to tell Chris something but as the show was quite busy, it had slipped his mind. I guess this was it.

Chris, myriscos spy.

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At bloody last - perhaps the magazine might go up in the world now?

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 9:14AM
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I think that's unfair. IMHO Steve has always done a good job whether at Micro User (later Acorn Computing) or at AU. I personally feel the more recent problems with AU are actually some indication of the state of the market - for a start there's obviously very little cash around. In addition for sometime now there has been very little around to report / write about.


 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 9:24AM
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The answer is John Cartmell and it's Turnbull not Turnball!!

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 2:06PM
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Yes, well done Steve - glad you'll be sticking around as a consultant. I think I speak for most readers as well.

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 2:08PM
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I think you don't.

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 4:41PM
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hmm. Canceled my order for AU a couple of months ago. Might be worth trying it again.

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 5:08PM
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I see John is a popular person :) Best of luck to both of them I think. We sometimes find it a struggle to find the time to update drobe so my heart goes out to those editting a magazine.

-- Chris Williams, News Editor

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 31/10/01 5:40PM
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You don't get paid for editing Drobe.

I think John will do a good job.

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 6:21PM
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Change and fresh idea's are always positive things. Just remember it isn't just up to the John and Steve, give these guys a hand! Write an article or let them know what you would like to hear about.

Remember AU is probably the most public face of the RISCOS market (after Drobe of course).

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 6:59PM
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As a long standing subscriber to many acorn/RISC OS related magazines, it is sad to see Steve moving on. As some as stated before the realtive decline in Acorn user can be linked to the market and Steve has done an excellent job in keeping things going. I'd like to add my best wishes for any future endeavours he may have. Doug

 is a RISC OS User on 31/10/01 7:35PM
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Remember, he is still staying on as consultant, and to write articles.

I think the magazine does need a burst of enthusiasm by another person - but lets not forget that The Micro User, and Acorn User (before Tau Press took over) used to ve *very* well edited magazines. Money is the factor here, not incompetence.

 is a RISC OS User on 1/11/01 9:08AM
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Hey - I might even start buying AU again - John's a nice bloke who seems open minded, and you can chat with him for ages. Turnball wants to get his "you want to buy AU, honest" advertising to as many people as possible.

 is a RISC OS User on 1/11/01 9:59AM
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Yes, I hope Steve does continue to contribute as I can't think of man y people who have so publically supported the Acorn market for so long. Steve has been around in Acorn magazines before I was buying them and that is going back 15 years or so.


 is a RISC OS User on 1/11/01 2:26PM
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Let's hope he doesn't make the same mistake at AU that he made at MAUG.

 is a RISC OS User on 1/11/01 6:49PM
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Which is?

 is a RISC OS User on 1/11/01 9:36PM
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Great news, things can't get any worse. Acorn user has been on a slippery slope for far too long with advertising disguised as jounalism and some dreadfully written articles. Lets hope we get back to a magazine worthy of the news stands.

 is a RISC OS User on 10/11/01 11:33PM
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He let himself be duped by a so-called friend into believing the MAUG was under attack and used its name to add weight to lies used in a revenge attack against a completely innocent company which happened to be loosely associated with the alleged attacker.

 is a RISC OS User on 11/11/01 10:23PM
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Just logged in, and found out. Good luck to you John, and Steve - you and the family need to take a long earned holiday!

Now perhaps AU will finally appear on the newstands of KL ;-) -- Steve Scott

 is a RISC OS Usersascott on 12/11/01 10:36AM
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Acornuser magazine editor switch? Maybe not have a look. [link]

 is a RISC OS User on 13/11/01 4:30PM
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After a long period in Linuxland and Borgland, I've started checking out RISC OS related sites again.

Ok, to a certain extent, the change is a good thing. I'd like to be able to order a single issue of AU to see if John improves the magazine.

If I could, I'd like to see one thing brought back - *Info. Why? More than anything else, it was the thing I bought the magazine for. It's how I learned how to program RISCOS (thanks Justin!). Even now, I'd submit software to the magazine, even if it just appeared on the website now and I didn't get any cash for it. After *Info disappeared, I drifted away from hacking RISC OS and towards other systems. Not even CodeCraft kept me here.

Another thing: Peter, make his text area bigger, please?

 is a RISC OS Userkgaughan on 15/11/01 3:19AM
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Um, - John is no longer going to be editor, see the link above your own comment. I really think Acorn User is at death's door. Not because I have anything against Steve or the others, simply that with all the negative feeling around before this, I can't imagine anything they can do to reverse the downward spiral. :(

I was really quite looking forward to seeing some of John's changes.

 is a RISC OS User on 15/11/01 10:40AM
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John probably could have saved it. They either need someone else with his enthusiasm or it's dead. But why did it all fall through I wonder?

 is a RISC OS User on 15/11/01 12:40PM
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