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Another blow for Acornuser

By . Published: 11th Apr 2002, 14:04:18 | Permalink | Printable

One editor exit stage left

In a statement emailed to drobe.co.uk this week, Acornuser magazine's editor Mike Stubbs has sadly stepped down from his position as editor.

"It is with great regret that I announce my resignation from Acorn User. With immediate effect, I will no longer be editing the magazine", writes Mike.

"I shall not go into the reasons, suffice to say it has nothing to do with the state of the market or anything like that. My other RISC OS projects will continue, as will my dedication to the platform.

"I offer my apologies to the readers and advertisers of Acorn User. It is not a decision I made lightly and I hope you will not vilify me for it.

"I hope that the next Editor will build on the strengths of the new-look Acorn User and continue the transformation of the magazine into a must-read publication."

Mike will no longer be checking the editor@acornuser.com mailbox, instead mail should be directed to his personal ms@arenaman.com account.

Drobe suspects Acornuser magazine will have a hard time beating back the crowds of people just dying to become the next AU editor.

Update : Acorn User have now announced that Rob Donaldson will be the new editor. Good luck Rob!



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 is a RISC OS User on 11/4/02 7:10PM
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By the way, if you're using IE or maybe Oregano, the drobe login system should be working :)


 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 11/4/02 7:20PM
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Calm down moss. :)


 is a RISC OS User on 11/4/02 7:55PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Boom boom boom, another one bites the dust, boom boom boom...

 is a RISC OS User on 11/4/02 7:57PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

One does get a subliminal impr ession that they draw straws t o determine the editorship.

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 12:09AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Get the short straw, you lose, and you're the new editor.

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 12:12AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

This is becoming a farse - how many editors in the past six months now?

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 3:48AM
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Maybe it's because it's such a demanding job that no one wants to do it? I don't know, but looking throught the last few AU's I see the vast number of articles and reviews were all done by Michael Stubbs.

Having failed miserably to do even one game review, I can only imagine just how much time and effort is required to do the entire magazine.

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 11:14AM
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The above should read 'Having failed miserably to do even one game review MYSELF' etc....

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 11:16AM
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-- jonathan cobb, Ilford

Sorry clicked the button to soon. Shame about the editor -another of the good guys goes and not just AU editing

 is a RISC OS Userjon.cobb on 12/4/02 12:48PM
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Why not make the login work properly instead of confining it to Oregano and IE?

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 2:57PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Our official scapegoat on the matter of the login system is Brighton Pier. We blame the Pier.


 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 12/4/02 3:17PM
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There's no money to be made in writting for AU. Then again, there very little to write about in the RISC OS market. Even the TEK game graphic 'review' for example was just lifted from the TEK web site.

Is our platform going, going gone?

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 3:24PM
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bleh, who cares? I bet moss can do a much better job at playing editor for AU .. moss? moss? why're you running away screaming? :P


 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 4:06PM
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Chris, your blaming Piers now are you? Very bad. :)

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 4:38PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Yes, I was upset about the TEK review, as it was touted as an "EXCLUSIVE!" on the front page! Yet, when I read it, I had previously read it on Arcade.

Good luck for the future, Michael. You made a good start with the facelift.

QUESTION: Just WHO will take it on now? They can't possibly be offering a decent pay package. They can't even pay the damn contributors, whereas other RISC OS mags do.

Fingers crossed.

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 5:09PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Just as the AU was getting better. ;-(

 is a RISC OS User on 12/4/02 6:11PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Can we be clear if we're talknig about the West Pier or the main pier here....

 is a RISC OS User on 13/4/02 1:44PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

The one and only Piers. The one true Piers.

 is a RISC OS User on 13/4/02 6:34PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

For AU to be a success, they need to bring back the CD and pay a small fee to contributors. It has improved a lot recently but could still be improved a lot more.

 is a RISC OS User on 13/4/02 9:13PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Agreed. I for one haven't even considered buying one recently, because without a CD (or even, heaven forbid, a floppy disc) I just don't find it viable. [Jymbob]

 is a RISC OS User on 13/4/02 11:34PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

You won't get either as long as the magazine stays with it's current owners.

 is a RISC OS User on 14/4/02 1:52AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

I'm supposed to blame the Pier that's not falling into the sea for the fact that Guest appears to be talking to itself? Maybe the new editor will get rid of the subtitle that I keep reading as "The alternative to power computing"

 is a RISC OS Userxyzzy on 14/4/02 3:00AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Tau Press must be getting desperate. If they can't find another new editor, perhaps they'll reduce the asking price for selling AU to something closer to what John Caswell (I think that's right) had in mind when he wanted to buy it and edit it.

They can't ask me to do the job. I've already turned Steve down once.

 is a RISC OS User on 14/4/02 1:10PM
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Well, now that Michael Stubbs has gone, I'm going to tickle his aunty.

 is a RISC OS User on 14/4/02 3:58PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

The AU site now lists the editor as Rob Donaldson

 is a RISC OS User on 15/4/02 1:41PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Who he?

 is a RISC OS User on 15/4/02 6:23PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

I was surprised the TEK stuff I wrote was touted as an 'AU exclusive'. While, I did try to make a significant amount of the content different from the Acorn Arcade article, it was difficult not to end up covering some of the same areas. I'm certainly sorry that some people found it disappointing.

Max Palmer (Main TEK graphic artist)

 is a RISC OS User on 15/4/02 6:38PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

To follow up my previous post - I'd like to add I'm not trying to get at Michael, he has certainly been doing a great job and I'm sad to see him go.

BTW For those that did find the article disappointing, were there things that you were hoping to find out more about ? If so, I could try to expand on those points ... I know it's not quite the same but someone might learn something more interesting.

Max (again)

 is a RISC OS User on 15/4/02 6:46PM
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Rob Donaldson wrote some articles in the past. Is not a RISC OS user, though. It's a magic Turnbull solution to keep pulling in the money without paying anyone but himself and Bitch.

 is a RISC OS User on 15/4/02 11:31PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Mike seems to have the same worries that I had when I rejected Tau Press. Our concerns were first for readers and advertisers. Editing AU needs a massive amount of support and changes that only ownership of the magazine can command; I'm not surprised that Mike has left - in fact now is the time I expected him to go. We could do without AU (there are other magazines out there) but we need an 'off the shelf' mag and AU is the only one. Welcome to the club, Mike! :-(

 is a RISC OS User on 16/4/02 12:45AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

I still miss *info.

 is a RISC OS User on 18/4/02 10:31PM
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