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Iyonix taunts Omega in shadows?

By Chris Williams. Published: 12th Dec 2002, 18:20:17 | Permalink | Printable

Like we'd ever go as low as stirring trouble

drobe.co.uk brings you another story ripped from csa.* (well, credit where credit's due). This time, it's about a secret coverup - or not, you decide.

During the last week or so, many of you will have received the Iyonix promotional flyer in the mail. It's regarding the photo on the front page - this is the same photo you see on http://www.iyonix.com/. Look at the photo - does part of it resemble something out of someone else's company logo? No? Look closer. Closer. No, closer still!

Still don't see it? Well, we've helpfully provided an annotated version to make it clearer.

Yes, that's right. The shadow of the floppy drive looks rather like the large "1" used in MicroDigital's logo that featured in various editions of Acorn User and also on the Microdigital website. Curious isn't it? And looking at the image it doesn't really seem possible - instead, as some have suggested, it's a cunning ploy by Castle to have a joke at MicroDigital's expense, perhaps by touching up the photograph.

The Truth
Well, I'm afraid it's all a coincidence. Yes, the odd shaped shadow is for real, and is a result of the shaping of the floppy drive, combined with the lighting angle used for dramatic effect. It shouldn't be too hard to recreate yourself if you have an Iyonix, or even a PC with a similar case.

Since the photograph has a bit more detail, we've done a scan and blown it up for you to see - there's only so much detail in the photograph, but you can get the idea of what's going on.

Time to call Mulder and Scully.

Peter, it's-Christmas!-department

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I take it the drobe folks are bored :) -- Andy.

 is a RISC OS Userandypoole on 12/12/02 6:23PM
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We all know that the capitalisation of Iyonix actally stands for "I bet Your Omega Never gets In production, 'cos we own all your XScales.". ;)


 is a RISC OS Usertakkaria on 12/12/02 6:24PM
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Look closely at the shadow on www.iyonix.com and the shadow here and they're different. The one here is more "pointy" and looks more like a "1". Who doctored it? ;o)

Back to work now...

-- Simon Wilson, Boulder, Colorado

 is a RISC OS Userksattic on 12/12/02 6:52PM
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ksattic: I noticed that too :P

 is a RISC OS UserSober on 12/12/02 10:21PM
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-- Claude Buchanan, Helensville Little to do and too much time to do it in.

 is a RISC OS UserAlexander on 13/12/02 6:22AM
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Note that the image here was reduced to 256 colurs, as opposed to iyonix.coms full colour image. Could be due to the dithering. Other than that they both look the same.

 is a RISC OS Userpiemmm on 13/12/02 10:45AM
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You know, I do believe I see a shadow of a face there as well, look there is a wall and some buildings too....

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 13/12/02 10:20PM
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Hm. I didn't start that thread. Who the hell can I sue now? :o)

Russ - Just back from N. Ireland

 is a RISC OS UserDiehardDuck on 13/12/02 11:21PM
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when we are in the shadows (like the RISC is) we are in the danger of being touched up , by the strong boys of Bill. We should say the "NO" of good clean free people. -- Avid Bracznec

 is a RISC OS Useravid on 4/1/03 12:44AM
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