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ProAction swallows Clares software

By Chris Williams. Published: 19th Dec 2002, 20:45:55 | Permalink | Printable

Resistance is futile. MIDI music app Rhapsody 4 to get relaunch

You can't outrun APDL and ProAction it seems. Their accquired software hoard just got bigger this week as they've reportedly absorbed Clares Micro Supplies' current range of RISC OS software products, gobbling up software so fast that it even caught Composition author Rob Davison unawares. But don't you worry, there's good to come out of this product range assimilation, or so we hope. Virtually promising price slashings, we're told by ProAction in their press release that they're taking a "good long look at each product with regards to possibilities for the future".

Golden oldies Clares started out in 1981 and has since developed numerous acclaimed software titles for Acorn users and their machines. They've seen it all basically, from the BBC Microcomputer through to the A5000 and then on to the RiscPC, sticking with the platform after Acorn collapsed in 1998, witnessing the release of RISC OS 4 and then onto present day. The Clares range includes Schema, Composition and Rhapsody 4. Notable recent applications that ProAction have given their make over treatment to includes EasyC++ and Desktop Repton.

To jump start things, ProAction are launching the MIDI enabled music playing, recording, notating and printing application Rhapsody 4 on the 3rd January 2003 and retailing it especially at half the price Clares were previously selling it. You need to contact APDL for more information, links given below.


APDL/ProAction website Email APDL or call 'em on 020 8778 2659.

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So we can look forward to worse support, and fudged bug fixes then? Past experience of both ProAction's Superior Collection (which I bought on announcement what, two years ago? and I *still* havn't got the much talked about "update" that actually made more than 4 of the games work. I gave up.) and EasyC++, which is just plain laughable.

I always counted Clares' as one of the better, more respected RISC OS software houses...

 is a RISC OS Usernunfetishist on 19/12/02 9:03PM
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I also was taken for a ride with that Superior CD. It was blatant lies... all they did was shove the old titles on a CD with nothing whatsoever done to them to make them RiscPC/SA/RO4 friendly as promised. Hell, they even needed keydiscs. Quite a disgrace and very annoying. I hope we don't see Clares' name dragged in to that kinda mess.

 is a RISC OS Userian on 20/12/02 12:46AM
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This is very disappointing. A real shame - I thought Clares would have stuck around what with Iyonix out etc. The last big and professional RISC OS publisher from the old days is now gone :( -- Michael Stubbs, Leeds

 is a RISC OS Userarenaman on 20/12/02 1:38AM
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It's good to see we're all in a happy, smiley mood today. Yes sir.

Chris, drobe.co.uk

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 20/12/02 2:48AM
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I think this is quite a good thing, Clares have been a bit disinterested in the market for a while. I don't have much experience with APDL, but you can't doubt their enthusiasm. It'll be good to see some price reductions to stimulate software sales and get some money flowing round the marketplace.

 is a RISC OS Userthegman on 20/12/02 11:59AM
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Have APDL taken over Disc Doctor? :-p

 is a RISC OS Usermoss on 20/12/02 5:34PM
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I actually welcome this move. APDL and ProAction have snapped up plenty of titles and still have an active interest in the RISC OS world. As has been said, Clares have been very quiet since the departure of Dave Clare. Their showing at Wakefield this year was awful (I don't think Chris enjoyed it very much).

The Games CD is a bit duff, and EasyC++ is not a patch on GCC for the code generated, but it is better (in terms of standards compliancy) than Acorn C++ and does come with a fair bit of support.

I would imagine the difficult part for PA/APDL will be deciding what will get the 32 bit treatment and what will remain as it stands. I hope WimpBASIC2 gets the upgrade treatment as there are lots of apps out there written in WB2 which won't work under the 32 bit OS.

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 20/12/02 10:12PM
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Given the chance I'd have bought back the rights myself rather than let APDL get their mitts on it. I wasn't given the chance and I'm mighty annoyed about that.

Regarding Iyonix APDL appear to be extremely unenthusiastic which is a shame (but understandable if you connect the dots). I'm not sure where I'll go from here, but expect Variations to benefit from more of my attention in future.

The good people that published my software are gone. APDL sell Compo without my consent, without my good wishes and without my support.

I'll be doing my best to see that they remove all traces of my name from the version they sell as well.

I want nothing to do with them.

Rob. (Composition author)

 is a RISC OS Usersoutherner on 20/12/02 11:23PM
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Rob, that's a pity - you're an incredibly talented author. You could always go down the ever growing and popular route, upgrade charging ;-p

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 21/12/02 2:00AM
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The fact that APDL didn't have the decency to discuss this with Rob speaks volumes about Mr Holden, doesn't it.

 is a RISC OS Userarenaman on 22/12/02 3:47PM
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Arenaman, It's usually the person selling the rights to something that should talk to the affected parties e.g. Clares... -- Steve Knutson

 is a RISC OS Userknutson on 22/12/02 7:19PM
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Knutson - spot on. Rob - you would need to look at the distribution deal you had with Clares to see if they were obligated in any way to consult or offer your software back. It could well be that you sold them the package and they simply bought off you upgrades, but the price included the rights to the compiled binary.

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 23/12/02 12:10AM
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I too agree with Steve. Believe me, I'm looking as hard as I can for a way out of this that will be of advantage to all parties (including Compo users) but I won't sacrifice my principles and still feel that I have been hard done by.

I'm of the opinion that APDL taking over enhancing, and re-releasing "dead" software is a good thing. However IMO Compo was not dead. I am still working on it. I have not left the platform (yet) and I've been forced without my knowledge into a business relationship that I probably would not have entered of my own volition.

I'm looking for a way to fix this guys!

...in the meantime, please don't rock the boat in public... (more than I already have. ;-)

 is a RISC OS Usersoutherner on 23/12/02 3:31AM
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When I spoke to ADPL they seemed very unwilling to support newer versions of RISC OS including Select, so we'll see what happens ay?

 is a RISC OS Useracornandy on 24/12/02 11:49AM
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When I spoke to ADPL they seemed very unwilling to support newer versions of RISC OS including Select, so we'll see what happens ay?

 is a RISC OS Useracornandy on 24/12/02 11:49AM
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That's plain daft though as that limits their market - especially with some info I have in my mitts which has the potential to totally set things alight...

However, given the past um, (looks for diplomatic wording) turbulent relationship with ROS Ltd, I can understand APDLs reluctance to support Select, but to not support OS 5?

What remains to be seen is what ProAction does with the Clares software and what they go after next...

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 24/12/02 3:45PM
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When I contacted APDL about 32-bit clean versions of software they said they were not interested in producing any. Which is a bitch as I need Hard Disk Companion on my Iyonix.

 is a RISC OS Userdanielbarron on 25/12/02 12:08PM
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While APDL may not be interested, FWIU, they are distributing the ProAction stuff, not actually doing anything with it other than flogging it. ProAction may not be of the same opinion.

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 25/12/02 8:16PM
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Daniel: Its more of a bitch if you've already got a version of a program you've been writing for *nine* years that works almost entirely on Iyonix...and a credit card with a large dent in it. ;-)

 is a RISC OS Usersoutherner on 26/12/02 4:56AM
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Daniel, you may like to know that I have a version of Hard Disc Companion which runs natively on the Iyonix - 26/32-bit neutral.

I'm talking with David Bradforth about making this available to users, though I think you'll have to wait until after the first release of Aemulor because it'll take me some time to test it fully.

Also, 26-bit HDC does run under Aemulor BTW and, since it's not really doing much computation, just shuffling data to/from disk you should find that it's still faster than it is on any other RISC OS machine despite the emulation. (I haven't actually measured its performance though, so you may want to choose 'Faster' since only the compression algorithm is CPU-intensive.)

Also, if you, or any other HDC users have suggestions for the next version, please email me.

Adrian AdrianLees@compuserve.com

 is a RISC OS Useradrianl on 27/12/02 3:45PM
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Nodoid - it was HDC I contacted APDL about and they spoke for PA. Clearly wrongly.

southerner - yeah, ironic those writing future proof 32-bit clean code are actually going to make no money on upgrades :(

adrianl - brilliant!

 is a RISC OS Userdanielbarron on 28/12/02 11:14PM
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The APDL/ProAction stuff is a branded partnership... it will take time, but eventually there should be 32-bit versions of most applications. Well those where it's possible, at least...

There are a number of factors to consider; for the moment ppl may have to wait a while before we can release them. All will become clear soon.

Purely as an interest point, does anybody have any use for an updated Render Bender (Render Bender 3) and/or Illusionist (Illusionist 1.5)? Both are 24-bit colour literate, and at this time Illusionist uses no external modules and rather a lot of Basic...

 is a RISC OS Userdbproaction on 29/12/02 10:51AM
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db - yes to both

 is a RISC OS UserNodoid on 29/12/02 10:41PM
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The more software, the merrier really.

Chris, drobe.co.uk

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 29/12/02 10:50PM
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when you swallow in the mouth the tongue is bad. when I see England I visit David APDL, his house is big, but not real shop. We need real shop for software, not old man who is not shop for future. Who will be David APDL when he goes? -- Avid Bracznec

 is a RISC OS Useravid on 3/1/03 7:36PM
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