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In the news this week: Friday roundup

By Chris Williams. Published: 21st Feb 2003, 17:22:24 | Permalink | Printable

Aemulor, R-Comp gaining Remote Control, South West show and more

Round upAn editor from another RISC OS portal commented to me the other day that we were sometimes too sarcastic. I assured him that drobe.co.uk doesn't do sarcasm. Sorry. Now on with this week's news, the week in which myriscos.co.uk actually updated (nice to see Paul helping out his mates) and other stories emerged which are mostly late build ups to the South West RISC OS show, held this Saturday in North Dorset.

Aemulor insist they will be at South West show [Aemulor announcement]
Around the end of January, Aemulor.com, developers of the (previously reported) ambitious-yet-getting-there-26bit emulator for 32bit RISC OS 5 systems, had been making noises of an Aemulor demo release for the the start of February but sadly no goodies materialised on the Aemulor site although programmer Adrian had been spotted at a RONWUG event, as one happy punter recalled. Despite the fact that Aemulor.com know they're late (by their own deadlines), they clearly know what they're doing as they've kindly sent us an email to enlighten us on what's going on. It's nice when companies do that, unlike some (mentioning no names).

"As you may have read on our website, FAQ or on Drobe and other similarly fine purveyors of news [Who's that then? -Ed], the release of Aemulor has been delayed", states the Aemulor team in their email. "...The main delay is the integration of the new StrongARM speed core which we have decided will be included in the first release version as taken longer than expected." The second reason is that the Aemulor team are battling with the famous 26 bit graphics package Photodesk to get it to work under emulation for Iyonix users.

Here's the good news: The Aemulor team will be attenting the South West RISC OS show this weekend and they'll have time-limited demonstration copies of Aemulor available for users to take away to try on their Iyonix PC. All you need to do is bring your motherboard MAC address (a unique ID number tied to each mobo), which can be read from a utility found here; this is because Aemulor.com wish to tie each demo copy to a single machine, presumably. The demo will be published publically on the Aemulor site a day after the show, if you can't make it to the event.

"We thank you for your patience and messages of support we've been getting", the developers add in their email. "Aemulor has undoubtedly proven to be a very tricky piece of software to develop, but we are proud of the results and hope you will be too!"

Aw, bless.

R-Comp unveil remote RISC OS for South West [Standard happy-happy R-Comp press release]
I like remote computing, I really do. I like to ssh into my Netwinder every day. I like to VNC into my RiscPC across our home network. I occasionally fire up rdesktop to use IE6 on the downstairs Win2k Advanced Server. Look, we've even done an article on this sort of thing. So you can picture our excited smiles and joint raising of eyebrows when we read for the first time about RISC OS software publishing outfit R-Comp's announcement of Remote Control, their commercial client/server software package that allows you to use a Windows PC over a network, just like VNC and RDP provide. In fact, this isn't the first time R-Comp have released commercial software that provides some functionality already bestowed by existing freeware, (Grapevine vs. LIRC'n'MSN, for example). R-Comp's selling point is that their software brings "it together into a coherent, easy-to-use, documented supported, 'click and run' system".

"[Remote Control] is designed to allow a RISC OS user to drive a Windows PC over a network, directly from his RISC OS desktop", proclaims the R-Comp press release email. "Imagine the PC cards of old - you could run PC apps either full-screen or in a window on the desktop. This software allows similar operation, but with a real PC running the programs. It's even possible to cut'n'paste to/from the PC!"

Needless to say, R-Comp are coinciding the release of Remote Control with the South West show. They'll also be bringing updated copies of their recently acquired Datapower 2 and ImageOutliner titles. And while we're giving R-Comp extensive drobe.co.uk page space, we can mention that they've been busy updating their MSN and IRC software Grapevine to version 1.06. This version allows, amongst other enhancements, chat windows to be re-used if sessions are interrupted/dropped for any reason. Version 1.06 will be emailed to registered users next week, we're told.

Freeware goodies
Jochen Lueg has released !OneDay, a pretty damn smooth, fun little app that displays one day in the life of the planet Earth using 24 animated sprites harvested from ESA's Meteosat archive. Lovely. Martin Wuerthner has updated his font selecting utility XChars, a replacement for the built-in RISC OS Chars tool. Jan-Jaap van der Geer has once again been working on his DirSync utility that compares directories of files with lots of changes to version 1.03. Finally, Malcolm Ripley has released version 2 of Thumbcat, his image catalogue application. Version 1 never made it to the public whereas this sucessful release has and can natively handle sprites, drawfiles, JPEG's, EXIF's and Digital Camera AVI's (if they have an embedded thumbnail) as well as whatever ImageFS and ChangeFSI can deal with. ThumbCat will create an HTML version of a given image catalogue. Magic.


Send your comments/flames to the usual address. Have a nice weekend if you do visit the South West RISC OS show.

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Microbits in coventry have been this for the last 3 yaers have a look at there website at the alternative pc the website is www.microbit.demon.co.uk

 is a RISC OS Userrobroy on 22/2/03 1:12PM
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Wow, a RISC OS hardware dealer in Coventry! I shall have to pay them a visit.

Chris, drobe.co.uk

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 22/2/03 1:58PM
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