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By Chris Williams. Published: 6th May 2003, 23:24:30 | Permalink | Printable

Artworks 2 and 2.1 details, anti-spam and more

RISC OS hardware's been in the news a lot recently so it's time for some software releases and updates.

Artworks 2 release, 2.1 described
Artworks 2 website

"It is going to be a very tight squeeze but I expect to release the first version of ArtWorks 2 at the Wakefield Show this Saturday", writes Martin of Artworks 2 developers MW Software in this week's Artworks newsletter. MW Software have been aiming for a May launch of the revamped Artworks vector graphics package.

According to Martin, Artworks 2 will feature all the major plug-in modules from MW Software, namely HatchPro, BMExport, TextArea, Crystal, SVGExport, Polygon 2 and more plus these new features: Draw-like marquee selections, calcuation of a shape's area, a keyboard shortcut to switch between the current and the previously used tool and other tweaks.

If that's not enough, Martin has already laid down the Artworks 2.1 roadmap, which lists these features: Page rulers, a skew tool, user definable dash patterns, more control over line arrow heads, better control of text on a curve, improved print setup tool, ability to print specific tiles, default document menu and more updates.

Wait, there's more. According to MW Software, provided the above can be implemented and "depending on the number of copies sold", Martin has the following possible, subject-to-change, special goodies planned for Artworks 2: Graduated transparencies, multi-page handling, CMYK sprite/CMYK TIFF, PNG and JPEG export, better line arrow heads and what's described as "a path style panel from which a combination of path attributes (line width, line colour, etc.) can be applied with a single click)".

MW Software are placing a July/August release date on Artworks 2.1. Artworks 2, which is just a couple of days away from release for the show, requires RISC OS 3.5 or greater and at least an ARM600 processor, meaning it will run on anything from an A7000 to an Omega to an Iyonix although at least a StrongARM processor is required for complex things like transparency.

Report this
Reporter website

Martin Avison's freeware Reporter, an application that allows developers of WIMP desktop programs to display internal program information and variables in a debugging window, is now at version 2.52. In what appears to be a mainly bugfixing exercise, all the SWIs provided by Reporter now work on Iyonix computer, the BASIC assembler functions now preserve flags in 32bit mode amongst other improvements and fixes.

No spam!
Spamstamp download

Announced on the MessengerPro mailing list, SpamStamp by Jan-Jaap van der Geer sits in between POPStar (a mail fetching client) and MessengerPro (email client) and checks and analyses incoming email for spam, (aka unwanted and unsolicated junk email). Email that SpamStamp considers as spam is marked as such in its headers so MessengerPro can filter off said identified spam by deleting it or storing it away from proper mail. Very handy and freeware.

No spam!: Return of the anti-spam
AntiSpam website

We now have a sudden choice in anti-spam agents. Dave Highton has this week released his own email checker AntiSpam. AntiSpam is open source software and adopts a different approach to Jan-Jaap's spam eliminator app. AntiSpam itself connects to your POP3 mailbox to firstly hunt down any spam in it, deleting offending email and then allowing your favourite email client to fetch the left behind legitimate mail.


Send us your news and comments.

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got antispam installed here. Seems to work okay and easy to setup and configure

-- Paul Stewart, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

 is a RISC OS Usersa110 on 7/5/03 1:54PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

SpamStamp is amazing, just what I've been longing for - a spam finder that /learns/ what's spam and what isn't. Well done Jan-Jaap. -- Sendu Bala,

 is a RISC OS Usersenduran on 7/5/03 2:50PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

My name is Higton, not Highton...

!AntiSpam can optionally download the e-mail too. -- Dave Higton, Southampton

 is a RISC OS Userdavehigton on 7/5/03 3:10PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Artworks 2 sounds so cool. Watch me get excited.

 is a RISC OS UserSnig on 7/5/03 4:21PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]


 is a RISC OS Usermoss on 7/5/03 4:35PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

trying SpamStamp with Newsbase... SpamStamp seems to work, nice prog!

and, seems i finally get newsbase's filter to work too with SpamStamp

 is a RISC OS Usercrow on 7/5/03 9:01PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

/me strokes SpamAssassin and Exim...

 is a RISC OS Usernunfetishist on 7/5/03 9:54PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Okay, so I've been and gone and got AntiSpam, but I can do all that already in !InetSuite. SpamStamp seems an advance, but I'd need to change things that work. Too hard. (:-)

 is a RISC OS Usermikeg on 8/5/03 10:34PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Can't do a bald smiley, can you. Ha! I'm not wearing a toupee for anyone.


 is a RISC OS Usermikeg on 8/5/03 10:51PM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

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