Expo 2004 show photographs

Thursday, 24th June 2004 | Back to drobe.co.uk | Contact
drobe.co.uk logo Below is a collection of photos taken by drobe.co.uk correspondent dgs, at the recent Expo 2004 show that was held in The Netherlands. To view the full photo, click on the relevant thumbnail.
The joy of a 23" widescreen LCD vs. legacy Acorn 17" CRT Paul Beverley, Editor of Archive
Omega, Iyonix, Windows laptop, Risc PC, and BBC B all lined up before the show opened The crowds draw into the exhibition hall
Dr Wimp stand selling products for charity Enigma self-build kit on display and on sale from the X-Ample stand
StrongARM at right angles makes a mini-RiscPC possible Mike Glover of Icon Technology
CDBurn being demonstrated Drobe editor Peter Naulls listens to Castle CEO Jack Lillingston
Luggable StrongARM computer from RISCOS.be RISCOS Ltd.'s Paul Middleton answering questions on RISC OS Select
Paul Beverley, Mike Glover, Martin Wuerthner and someone else A not so exciting Iyonix case vs. one of newer Iyonix cases
An Iyonix in a rackmountable case The rackmountable case is 2U in height
Getting retro in Europe The ferry home