We did have an article planned, but then this evening...

You get the gist. Let us know your thoughts and offers for legal bill funding.

12:01 April 1 2007: Ok, this was an April Fool gag. A hat-tip to those of you who enjoyed it, and bad luck to those who fell for it. Being slapped with an injunction is every editor's nightmare. It means getting expensive QCs and judges out of bed for emergency hearings as celebrities and others apply for publication bans. Whenever drobe.co.uk goes offline, it's not rare for rumours to spread along the grapevine that we've been secretly taken to court. So hence this year's fool. Thanks to everyone who helped out and sent in a comment. And yes, the 'Risc OS' was deliberate. ;-)

See below for some of the best comments, follow the Usenet discussion of the stunt, read about failed injunctions by celebs, injunctions by celebs and injunctions by the government, or click here to return to the front page. Normal service has resumed.

Adam wrote: "So, anyone checked drobe today? They've replaced their front page with a photo of an injuction which prevents them publishing an article about a "popular figure in the Risc OS [sic] market" and their (alleged!) sexual promiscuity. Drobe ask for comments and, frankly, I think I'm on the side of the "popular figure" - I'm really not interested in people's private lives."

Mike wrote: "This an absolute outrage! The rights of sexual expression between individual sensitive living creatures is in no way an appropriate matter for government interference. While I for one do not pursue the brand of "farm love " favored by the Drobe editorship I feel personally offended by the prohibition enacted by the court system on matters such as these. Today the rights of people who espouse the merits of a cowamorous or sheep-centric love life have come under attack tomorrow I wonder what other lines of discourse will be deemed taboo. I for one shall be chained to a railing until I am assured that you have been released. I admit that I was already chained to a railing this evening for sexual purposes but now I have a second and perhaps more worthy motive."

Andrew wrote: "April Fools! If it were true then on the face of it I agree with the last sentence of 3. If he or she was a politician who needs to be a person of integrity and trustworthiness I 'd think it in the public interest to know. A business person can have the most questionable personal morality and still run a good business. I suppose with the lack of genuinely interesting news in the RISC OS world like new hardware or software projects - of which there is a dearth then we are going to get much more of this nonsense genuine or otherwise - like 'Icon Bar ' being so interested in Nintendo Games machines!"

Jeremy wrote: "It had to happen sometime with the articles Drobe tends to write. But I'll donate the entire proceeds of my spaghetti crop to the defence fund. I'm about to harvest my spaghetti trees and this year it is a really good crop thanks to the excellent growing weather so far this year."

Julian wrote: "Well without having seen the article in question it is hard to decide whether this is justified. Could you maybe publish the article without the name? If IMO it is not justified I would be willing to donate 20 GBP towards legal bill funding."

Anonymous wrote: "Ohh very funny. Just tried to log in to find some software via your search tool and you have messed up the system - so now I have to mess with google... Rats..."

Chris wrote: "Hehe Drobe. Good work this year, it doesn't beat the one where you took over iconbar :P"

Phil wrote: "No connection that this happens to be the 1st of April then. No not at all!"

Kevin wrote: "Nice April Fool, except shouldn't the injunction expiry be 12:00 on Sunday 1st April 2007?"

Anonymous wrote: "Great April Fool you almost had me going for a minute."

Jim wrote: "Publish and be damned!"

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Team Drobe, 31 March 2007

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