RISC OS on Puppy Linux Live CD


RISC OS Connect are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the RISC OS on Puppy Linux Live CD. Since the early days of Virtual Acorn, many users have been asking for both a Linux option and a Live CD option. Tom Walker created the linux option by developing the open source RPCEmu. The current version of this can be found here. RISC OS Connect have coupled the Linux version of RPCEmu with Puppy Linux 4.12 to create a Live CD. This means no more installing Linux, then compiling RPCEmu. Some users have been more successful than others at this.

The Live CD contains everything needed (no RISC OS ROMS are supplied) to get RISC OS up and running under Linux. No installation is necessary as this will run entirely in memory (or from CD if not enough memory is available). Users can save their settings on shutdown to their local hdd.

If the user chooses to install, you have the option of installing to a local hdd, external hdd, memory stick, SD card etc. The advantage of installing to a USB memory stick is you can carry RISC OS in your pocket and run it on virtually any PC system that supports booting from USB.

The CD contains Puppy Linux 4.12, RPCEmu 0.8.2, RISC OS 4 disk image plus other productivity software. The RISC OS 4 ROM image is available for £5 from the RISCOS Ltd sales website.

To run the CD. A Pentium 4 class system(>1.5Ghz) is required and 256Mb or more RAM(512Mb recommended). This ISO image can be downloaded from the RISC OS Connect site. A physical CD will be available from the RISC OS shows.

There are two sets of instructions, one on the Linux desktop, another in the root of the HOSTFS filer under RISC OS. Please read both sets of instructions.