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The RiscPC was an astonishing computer. No computer I've owned has given as much satisfaction. The 'family' RISC PC was bought a couple of months or so after release from Mike Gilbert's shop in Wellington and is therefore nearly 10. It still has the same 420mb hard drive, PSU, but is upgraded with SCSI II, a whopping extra 16mb SIM and a 233mhz SA. My Mum still uses this as her main machine, in spite of having a very nice 500mhz G3 Powerbook, which mainly gets used for driving a modern inkjet and for the net. She still uses an LPB4 Laserdirect - orginally attached to our old A3000 - which must have cranked out zillions of pages without a hitch. Heck, everything from that era was just so damn solid, so damn good! None of today's flakey junk that always feels like a yogurt pot about to buckle.

My RiscPC was bought when I went to Uni about 96ish. It was one of the first SA machines, where you had to buy a RPC 700 and have the SA swapped in. This was from MicroLaser designs in Bath. It didn't get that upgraded - just more RAM and an extrenal Zip drive - although recently it has had an ethernet card from ebay added. It cranked out zillions of essays and countless student posters and one shot alternative mags - all done in Impression. When I needed to use a local print shop, the Postcript I generated usually worked fine. The Mac stuffof the day I used at Uni were so stone age - especially Quark, which I still think is far too lame in many regards at version 6(inDesign is much better). People at Uni were usually clueless about Acorn - even computer fans - and the RiscPC often blew them aaway for speed and coolness. It was like some exotic fruit no one had ever seen.

Happy birthday RiscPC - best computer ever made.

 is a RISC OS UserJessFranco on 19/4/04 9:25AM
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