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Hmm, either a bug that I can't post to the main page because I took so long to write it someone else had already posted the 30th comment, or I wrote too much. Anyway:

> Hey, I'm _not_ saying that Iyonix doesn't have good things to offer. I'd die for Select on Iyonix really


> You've mentioned some petty little things on your "advantages over Select" list and ignored the humungous list of things that Select does that RO 3.7^H^H^H5 doesn't do.

Of course I ignored them, that's your side of the argument, I can't play both sides at once, I'd get confused. My point is it's not "nothing". ROS5 is based on the same code as ROL got, so about 3.9, plus anything they wanted from ROS4 that ROL gave them.

> You've even managed to cock that list up, too. Sprites11 is supported by Select and I dunno what "Thumb stuff" you mean anyway.

As in Thumb ARM code. I dunno, never used an Iyonix, or Select recently, just reading lists of their websites.

> And you're bang on when you say "Why would anyone have a reason to develop any app for Select only" -- they wouldn't, if not using the key new Select features! Spread the userbase as wide as possible.

Indeed, so any new software will be, most likely, 32bit compatible and not need Select.

> As far as ROL/Castle go, the blah I heard was that Castle didn't even ask ROL at all! Quite a number of ex-Pace folks at Castle, see...

I think I heard similar in 2000, still, free market. I never thought splitting the OS and hardware into different companies would work well. See RiscStation not wanting to pay for hardware independance (wonder if they want to pay Castle, hehe). It works with Microsoft because MS is so big they can a) afford to pay themselves, and b) the hardware people have no real choice. If Castle had no choice they would have probably paid up, but it's to their advantage to be the only hardware company with a 32bit OS, as long as they don't kill the market on the way of course.

NeilWB> Explain what? I'm saying Iyonix is buggered as it's GUI is pure pants compared to Select, IMO.

Be more precise, exactly what's so different. RISC OS 2 GUI is better than everything else not RISC OS so it's not "buggered" unless it's broken.

Where are the investigative journalists to break open this Castle/Pace/ROS5/ROL story? Or do they already know but don't want to publish?

> What reason do ROL have to add HAL to Select if they've no customers for that? Select could have been 32bitted just like RO 3.7 was 32bitted (afaik most of the work was done at Pace, so ROL should/could have access to that anyway).

3.9. The reason is R&D, but they obviously can't afford that. If they had HAL they'd be able to do lots more things (like fail to open doors), and sell it.

Odd that they best place an ARM chip is better (on a battery) is where they're using x86.

 is a RISC OS Usermavhc on 10/05/03 2:15PM
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