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Stupid netscape, getting rid of my post just because I pressed an odd key combination by mistake! :(

Try two:

Ok, a few points:

1: Is it really relevant to compare the speed of various A5000 emulators with a new, presumably quite different, risc pc emulator? Especially since this emulator has the OS in a chip on the motherboard which I think is an advantage it has over the older ones?

2: To arrive at the show and find out that there was a new laptop capable of running RISC OS was amazing for me! For ages this has been deeply desired in the community - why is everyone so gloomy? For me, this is fantastic news! Why? Well for some time I have wanted a new (read: capble of running Vantage et al) RISC OS computer, but could not justify buying a computer unable to do the professional standard sound & video editing which is the major part of my uni course. And as Microdigital pointed out, now they have a base unit out and most of the work is done, they can create higher specced models. As soon as a model with firewire, GeForce3/4 or similar and maybe a Pentium/Athlon arrives, SOLD!!

3: Why is it that no-one has repeated the explanations in the Microdigital seminar for the delays for the Omega? Repeated times where they have been mucked about and manipulated by huge companies, because their RISC OS market-sized orders have not been big enough to merit proper client treatment sound pretty awful, and quite believeable. To me, this makes all the delays quite fair enough. Also, despite the huge amount of negative protrayals of Microdigital I have read, to me the fact that they managed to get an (almost) unannounced RISC OS capable laptop to the show, which is approaching perfect for my needs, does a lot to inspire my faith in them.

4: I know I am going to get a lot of flames now, labling me foolish for believing anything Microdigital say, but as I said, from what I have seen, Microdigital have been through some tough times. They can now tell us about these, since the releases of both machines occur in one week's time. Why else would they have broken their much discussed silence and been so candid, and indeed had so much to show at the, er, show? Many people repeatedly dismissed that there would be anything but mockups at Wakefield. Ok, so it's still rather flaky, but for ages after release Iyonix had, and has, 'issues'.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one to stick to one side of the debate and utterly demonise the other side. I think the Iyonix is fantastic - it came at a great time for the market had impressive secrecy about its release, boasts powerful, up-to-date specs, and so forth. However, I welcome the competition, and the rather great solution for me, that Microdigital now bring to the market.

5: Just a little one about the Omega's 'crashing and then not rebooting' thing - this happens every single time apparently - one just needs to 'manual boot' by typing in - what else - "!boot" at the command line that you get. This, I was told by the helpful RISC OS Ltd. guy (iirc), was because they had only had the Omega for a few days, ergo had only just put Select on it, and that there were things that needed ironing out.

Ok, that's it. Sorry about the length :)

Thomas/TRM/musefrog *hoping to free himself from A5000 land soon!*

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 10/05/03 9:07PM
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