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IMJ wrote: "Explain what? I'm saying Iyonix is buggered as it's GUI is pure pants compared to Select, IMO."

I don't accept this statement - to my mind it is simply not true. Name one of the major RISC OS GUI concepts or features that has been implemented under Select, and was not fundamental to every version RISC OS? I’m really interested to learn what these breathtaking improvements are!

jerryf wrote: No company says 'we won't' if offered sufficient money, and no company says 'we will' if not offered sufficient money. Castle clearly hasn't offered sufficient money, or decided they could do without ROL, just as they seem to think they can do without the support of some major developers as well. All big mistakes, smelling a lot like the result of pure arrogance and a bad business sense.

How on earth do you know all this? You were obviously privy to all the negotiations and business dealings between Castle and ROL. Please go ahead and share your information with the rest of us – I for one am all ears.

TRM wrote: Why is it that no-one has repeated the explanations in the Microdigital seminar for the delays for the Omega? Repeated times where they have been mucked about and manipulated by huge companies, because their RISC OS market-sized orders have not been big enough to merit proper client treatment sound pretty awful, and quite believeable. To me, this makes all the delays quite fair enough. Also, despite the huge amount of negative protrayals of Microdigital I have read, to me the fact that they managed to get an (almost) unannounced RISC OS capable laptop to the show, which is approaching perfect for my needs, does a lot to inspire my faith in them.

Probably because they have heard these stories too many times already. We were told from the various sources close to Microdigital that the delays in delivering production machines since Christmas (the last time that machines were “just days from being ready to ship”), have been due to contractual issues – an interested observer might reasonably assume that the machines were ready to ship. Now it seems, the machines are not quite ready, last minute glitches. blah, blah, blah! And as for the laptop – the cynical might consider this as just a smokescreen, an attempt to draw attention away from the fact that Omega is still not ready. Two questions to Microdigital – 1) What on earth does this laptop have to do with the future of RISC OS? 2) With the Omega still not in production, and years behind schedule, how can you afford to invest the time developing a new product?

IMJ wrote: Castle have done nowt to me bar screw up and split the user base and have folks not pulling together with RISC OS. There's probably going to be a shed load of wasted effort at Castle bringing RO5 up to anything like Select 1 standard, let alone Select 3 and that's just daft when we need as many bodies producing _new_ stuff as possible. IMO, Castle have been pig headed and arrogant about the whole thing and are splitting up RISC OS rather than making a better RISC OS scene. I don't think I'm exactly alone in this view either. Remember, at the end of the day we buy these machines BECAUSE OF THE OS, so having a duff old RISC OS 3.7^H^H^H5 variant, albeit on a whizzy fast new platform, seems a bit pointless to me. Just my 2p worth. Now - on with Virtual RiscPC!

Please share with us the facts from which you reached the conclusion that Castle have been pig-headed and arrogant. You are obviously very well informed.

Thegman wrote: I really think the Omega could be the saviour of the RISC OS platform (and christ, it *does* need saving) with it's UMA, Mesa, MPEG and extra processor slot it could be very compelling to existing and new users.

How is this going to save the platform?

TRM wrote: according to MD, (and indeed all the posters etc) the RISC OS community is not the primary target of the machine. So no, they're not trying to sell you a wintel laptop, although if you want a risc pc on your lap, there you go Rather, their target is the PC market, in an endeavour to convince people to buy a standardly specced seemingly normal winpc, but a little bit more pricey, and an intreiging extra. The hope is that this will make people curious - they will toy around with the emulator, and then...

ROTFL Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life!!

 is a RISC OS UserNeilWB on 11/05/03 10:54AM
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