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Realname: Thomas McIntosh
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On Wakefield show news:

imj wrote: >"emulator has the OS in a chip". Yeh RIGHT! You >really shouldn't believe everything you're told.

I found my copy of the leaflet, and I think this may have come from my semantic misunderstanding. The leaflet says RISC OS is "4mb, small enough to fit on the computer's PCB, which makes it fast and efficient" or words to that effect; I interpreted this, perhaps wrongly, as meaning that Alpha had RISC OS on the motherboard, when it may simply have been referring to how RISC OS originated on native hardware...

ah well :)

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 12/05/03 03:46AM
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On Wakefield show news:

g0tai wrote: >What nowdays would make people mode from OS X, >Windows, or Linux to RISC OS? 'Fantastic applications'? > oh *purlease*. They've all been ported to windows!

Personally, I'd much prefer using Vantage to some PC program with about 50 onscreen icons, running in windows (!), and with tech support run by a web script/ people who have no idea about the innards of the app. With Vantage, you can get identical quality results (I mean, it even exports as photoshop, among others..!) much more easily, and you can actually talk to the guy programming it for bug reports/ feature requests. And it seems loads of people are interested in Vantage's main competitor, Artworks 2, too!

There are many other programs whose praises are sung, like Techwriter etc. Ok, so in many areas RISC OS is lacking anything like the quality available elsewhere. However, to suggest we are outclassed in every area I feel is misleading.

he also wrote: >don't forget, emulators *eat* CPU time, so that laptop >battery isn't going to last long.

others may view this as a welcome opportunity for a RISC OS laptop (well, there may be some... a few... one? ;) but for me, I'm just glad of a dual use machine, irrespective of its laptop nature. I'll probably end up using it mainly as a desktop :) Plus, most places where ppl use laptops (train, library etc) now have power sockets for laptops anyway...

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 12/05/03 03:43AM
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On Wakefield show news:

IMJ: I agree. It would be great if they released it at some point, would mean that I could custom build a niiice windows laptop and then have fast risc os on it :)

However, if there are some hardware issues, then fair enough...

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 11/05/03 01:04AM
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On Wakefield show news:

>Feasible, but not on an a common laptop.

Ok, it's possible I am mistaken. After all, I didn't have a whole load of sleep lst night... :)

>Why not just release/license the new VA and ROL Select as a >stand alone product?

I reckon it would be hardware issues. If they know exactly what the innards of the PC running it are, then then can sort problems out quickly. However, with the HUGE variety of components out there, any hardware conflicts would be very difficult to bug fix. At least this way they KNOW it's stable... (well, as stable as it is - shrug)

Hmm... altho most emulators must cope somehow... the only way that theory would really work would be if there was /some/ custom hardware on the motherboard, if not the OS...

This is all speculation on my part tho, with possibly a little bit of remembered conversation at the MD stand. It does sound like you know a lot more than me about the innards of pcs... shrug

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 11/05/03 00:53AM
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On Wakefield show news:

Jon: Count of one so far :)

Gavin: You have a point... its just I'm so glad that it looks like I'm gonna be able to have a solution to my computing problems by spending a bit over 1000 in one machine as opposed to well over 2000 on two machines. Perhaps its a bit of a selfish viewpoint, but what can I say - I'm excited :)

 is a RISC OS UserTRM on 11/05/03 00:34AM
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