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OK you did understand what I said but you dont understand the need.

you wrote "If there's issues with GCCSDK then we'd like to hear about them."

OK I read the web site and some of the things about it, and I think it is too dificult to do something quickly, --- for me that is. Not a fault of GCCSDK. JUST ME. It doesn't fit in with my ability, and I speculate it doesn't grip others of my ability. NOTE it is not a fault of the app JUST ME. Also note I dont know the ettiquet for emphasis so I capitalised some words, it is not intended as a shout. :-)

NOW I did write [link] in a day and a half with a 4GL. It searches directories for files and quickly transfers them to the host directory. Ineeded this for work so I wrote it. I could not have done the same in such a short space of time on RISC OS. Fact. Now this sort of thing is the point. RISC OS needs applications. It needs users that see the simplicity of it. It needs a development environment that someone can get it up an running in a couple of days. (don't say basic, even that is too difficult for someone like me). Then when they get to grips with the thing they may progress onwards.

"Your point currently is that you want something for use by non-programmers, which seems to be something of a contradiction."

This is where you miss the point of RAD's and 4GL's. Simple to use but still powerfull. OK as soon as you write one line of code you are a programmer. Good enough for this kind of app on RISC OS in a day? Tell me how?

Have alook at hypercard/supercard. Go to handango (OK for PDA's) and look at the sales of visualCE.

Have a look at as simple and powerfull an implementation of BASIC you can get "realbasic".

All aimed at nonprogrammers, to be simple to get them up to speed VERY quickly. On RISC OS there is wimp basic etc, however, and it is a big however, they do not cross compile on different platforms. (please note this is no slur on wimp basic. It is, I'm lead to beleive, a great programe).

There are easy development apps on riscos, but they are only for riscos. To be cross platform you need a more dificult development environment and I found that off-putting.

If you look at the original 2 line post you will see that the above and below is a clarification of "Yes like the possibility of a "new simple" cross platform development environment? "

Unless risc os embraces the "can it run on windows" questions it is always going to lose sales of hardware. However, if you could say "it is a doddle for a complete novice to use risc os to make apps like the one obove in 2 days and if you want the same on windows, linux or mac you simply click another button and your app is there". And you get a nice OS to do it in. NO GUI etc to build that is different. Just click a button.

Well surely that is a benefit to the platform?

You could always say. Buy this machine for the house and write the apps you need in this riscos language, and you will need to spend a LOT of time learnig it to do so, AND then when you get to work and use MacOS or linux or solaris or windows, you will not be able to run the apps unless you use emulation. OR buy a nice easy to use RISC OS box, write in something like a RAD based on a 4GL like supercard, and then with the click of a button, cross compile for windows, linux, solaris, MacOS, and RISC OS and the front end is written for each platform automatically. :-)

Now you may disagree. And that is your perogative, however, just because you may disagree does not mean the point is not valid for a lot of people.

Appologies to everone elso for the long posting. OFF topic now so I wont continue.

Cheers Bob

 is a RISC OS Usernijinsky on 12/1/04 8:58PM
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