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I never claimed that the Omega has a later southbridge than the Iyonix. Why do you keep on twisting the words in my mouth?

What the expression "much fater" means is open to interpretation. I did not say, it generates code that runs twice as fast or anything like that. I just made a general statement that can be interpreted differently by many people. Someone who knows what a complex field compiler-optimisation is and how much work is involved to mae even minor improvements will have a different view on what "much faster" means than someone who does not. And this is the point where "opinion" comes into the equasion.

If we were discussing compiler-optimisation in detail, then I would agree that were having a technical discussion. But we are not. We have only exchanged a few general opinions about their performance. This I do not consider a technical discussion. However, if you think that this is a technical discussion, then you obviously have a different opinion of what a technical discussion is.

However you are asking me to turn this into what I would call a technical discussion, by asking me to explain in detail how I came to my opinion of "much faster". However technical discussons can turn out quite lengthy and thus time-consuming. I told you before that I am not willing to invest this time and I am surprised that you seem to be. I would have thought that you also had better things to do in that time, like doing some productive work in your day-job or on your UPP? But obviously you seem to have a different opinion on this, too. I for one are working on some improvements to the forum software we use for the MicroDigital Owners Club in my spare time (wich I will offer to the maintainer of that OSS project in due course) and ATM try to learn as much as I can about video post-processing in the re-education course I am doing to become a media designer. Call me selfish if you want, but I do not see how I could gan something from a technical discussion about compilers. However this does not mean that I would not be able to participate in such a discussion, if I chose to do so. But surely you will question that, too. Unfortunately I can not find any english information about the job education I gave done before, however I can tell you that we had courses in processor-design, high-frequency PCB design and software engeneering for almost three years, and although I was not the best of my class in these courses, I still managed a "good" in most exams. And even though I have not worked in these areas for about four years now, I believe that I still know a bit about these things, especially since I have tried to keep an eye on the developments of the Omega and have had a few interesting technical discussions with David Prosser about it (personally and on the phone, so it was not so time consuming and while I was on holliday).

 is a RISC OS UserJGZimmerle on 23/3/04 9:50AM
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