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> How many working RiscPCs have you seen with 8 podules? 6 then, plus the network card slot. And 2nd CPU slot, and 16bit sound upgrade pins.

> Most PC cases have room for more than one internal HDD, and have more externally facing bays anyway. Most PC cases NOW. And when they're full you throw it away.

> You can have a faster CPU by replacing the board with the CPU on, just like in a RiscPC (except it's much cheaper to do so with a PC.) As long as it's the same pin format. Which motherboard lets you plug in a CPU 10 times faster than the max available when it was made again? I missed your reply.

> IME, the maximum supported memory on PC motherboards is far larger than what is available at the time. (My aging PC motherboard supports 4GB of RAM, with only 2 slot) But oddly everyone else's has problems recognising 256MB RAM sticks when they're only 4 years old. After a BIOS update they sometimes see 128MB of it.

> A PC's hard drive size limitation is identical to that of a RiscPC or larger. [link] There were numerous 2/4/8/32GB limitations.

> The number of OS upgrades bear no relationship to the advance made. (The single 3.11 to 95 jump was much larger than any jump made by RISC OS for RiscPCs). You can't advance as fast if you start so far ahead.

> You can chain multiple PSUs in PCs in an identical way to RiscPCs, but you don't normally need to because a) new PSUs are cheap, b) they're not normally tiny to start with. If a) they have 240V outputs externally, and b) you have a case that'll fit them

> Sound has been standard on PC motherboards for years now Where years >=10?

> and 16bit sound was available a long time before it was available for RiscPCs 1992, what was the price?

> (and if you had an 8bit audio RiscPC, you couldn't upgrade without spending a huge sum of money, and that'd take up a podule slot) So wrong it's almost funny.

> Most motherboards, if wired correctly, can use the the case's speaker Just take a wire from the outside of your case inside, wire it up manually and all's fine, or a mess, whichever.

> To take the base slice out of a RiscPC requires you to detach all the podules so you can safely remove the backplane, which may also mean detaching SCSI and IDE devices hanging off podules. I just pull the whole thing out together, much easier.

> Not many PCs have lasted 10 years of upgrades, that's true. Because you don't need to. You just buy a new one for less money than an upgrade to a RiscPC would cost you. 1500 for a new PC or 300 for a StrongARM? tough choice.

 is a RISC OS Usermavhc on 4/9/04 11:55AM
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