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demondb said >"VARPC certainly has a home, and I cannot understand people who say it is robbing RISC OS hardware manufacturers of sales. "

You can't extrapolate from your case and suggest that VARPC has had *no* effect on native hardware sales. If (as the numbers suggest) more copies of VARPC/VA have sold than *actual* hardware there *must* have been some people who would have opted for VARPC over actual RISC OS hardware - particularly given the "spin" put on by some (I stress *not* by Virtual Acorn themselves) such as describing machines running VARPC as being "hybrid computers" - when in actual fact what was being discussed was a plain ordinary PC running VARPC on top of Windows.

ninja> Yes *if* VARPC *is* ported to another operating system then yes RISC OS won't be dependant alone on Windows. I would suspect though that while money can be made hawking VARPC on Windows then that's where it's going to stay. Do bear in mind no matter *what* OS VARPC moves to it makes *RISC OS* dependant on THAT OS and VARPC - RISC OS becomes *dependant* and therefore I would argue *vulnerable*.

demondb said >"VARPC is, if anything, widening RISC OS use in the world. I can see a day when RISC OS hardware ceases, and we all go the way of the PC, it's just a question of which OS you run on it."

So how many people use VARPC who never used RISC OS on actual RISC OS hardware then ? I'd suggest very few in short it's shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic time....

I would agree that I can see a day too when RISC OS hardware ceases, and VARPC may well have helped in its own way to acchieve that, thing is what makes you think once we get to that point that you'll have a *choice* over which OS you use ?

Currently Intel/Microsoft/Phoenix (of the BIOS fame) are drawing up a next generation BIOS - given the credentials of the first two organisations there I'd be unwilling to wager that they'd be too keen on allowing people free choice over what OS they use.... and if you think Apple are any better what's this about Digital Rights Management (DRM) being built into the x86 version ?????

Nah, our best hope is to keep improving the ARM hardware and keeping RISC OS running "for real" rather than pushing it into a space where ultimately it will not survive.....

 is a RISC OS UserAMS on 19/8/05 8:04PM
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