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I don't think either polas or I am proclaiming I want an RO5 upgrade for free.... I want RISC OS to continue living and not die a death...

The only think I am trying to say is it may be another small thing that brings back some users to have a look at RISC OS again and make it easier for programmers to develop software which may encourage them to actually develop again and update their software....

I am not willing to, so quickly, dismiss people simply because they didn't or havn't paid the money to get RISC OS 4. There are so many more logical and likely reasons to this than them being a cheap skate not willing to spend money (did they just stop using computers all together? No most will have jumped ship to another OS and spent good money on products on that platform. There are also lots of valid reasons for them to switch to alternatives due to the type of work they did, or were not fully convinced by RISC OS 4 and the prospects it had of new hardware and if/when it may be available in the future and they maybe didn't belive the new hardware announced would actually appear. Anyway, by the time the new hardware did appear they had already switched.

TBH your thinking seems to be that if these people didn't pay for RISC OS4 they are not going to be buy new hardware. I belive it's more like now they have invested in Mac or X86 boxes they are not willing to pay not a small ammount of money for RISC OS as they have spent the money on their current PC.

So we need to grow the market to survive, as I guess it won't survive with the current pot of people using RISC OS. One way to do this is entice people who use to use RISC OS back into the market. One way which I and a few others obviously think may help is to see the OS running on a RPC they have sitting in the loft (there must be 1000's) for a low cost and you may just let them see enough of RISC OS to make them look into it a little more and they may then consider buying hardware esspecially if Castle follow this up with new hardware to show their continued commitment. It will also allow for emulators to run the OS and allow people without hardware to give it a go. Would anyone have given linux a go if it wasn't free? I know for one I wouldn't have.

My last point. Surely the whole point of this ROOL is to release enough source to allow a free copy of the OS to be built or else there is actually no point to this at all and we are suggesting a way this can be used to the markets advantage and let people actually see and experience the OS - If people don't see it working, get a chance to use it where else will customers come from?

Rather than dismiss us quickly for suggesting this tell us why we are wrong and suggest alternative ways to get new customers into the market (yes if it gets used in embedded devices developers may buy castles machines but I doubt it will keep the desktop market alive on its own)...



 is a RISC OS Usermrmac on 15/01/07 4:02PM
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