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David Holden wrote>"However, if you're developing commercial software then it's silly to limit your potential sales by so doing unless you have a very good reason. "

I suppose that applies to the ROL Foundation DVD that couldn't be accessed on Iyonix too then? Or is it only silly when the software can run on Iyonix but not on anything else?

David Holden wrote>"Possibly the reason for his limiting it to the Iyonix may be because he has doubts about the new version being fast enough to be useable on a RiscPC and wants to avoid dissapointing people. If this is the case, then it might be better if he says so rather than declare it Iyonix only"

If it's anything like the original version of Firefox it would be asking a lot of a RISC PC to handle it (both memory and speedwise), but why rub peoples noses in it by stating it would be too slow for an RPC? I'd also point out that Peter's site specifically says an A9 versions is being *considered* - in effect that the current version is Iyonix only - so perhaps there may be an A9 if sufficient financial support is given to that end.

David Holden wrote>"as has already been pointed out, the Iyonix is not the fastest machine"

I'll not rise to the bait on that one. But if you're alluding to Microsoft Windows based hardware running RISC OS under emulation I fail to see the point of attempting to port for them - in as much as they can well run *natively* x86 based Firefox - which would be faster (by miles) than an emulation run under Virtual Acorn additionally Firefox under Windows can already run plugins the RISC OS port may not be able to - therefore overall the effort of porting Firefox for use under VA would be pointless (IMHO).

The only sensible options for Firefox on RISC OS is either the Iyonix or A9, the RPC (even StrongARM ones) would probably be too slow and not have enough memory. Given that Peter has an Iyonix it represents a good starting point. And if that isn't a good enough reason *he's* the one doing the work - surely he must have some say in the matter?

 is a RISC OS UserAMS on 18/11/06 5:29PM
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