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Martin>"we have a RISC OS port on industry standard hardware already. It is called RedSquirrel/VirtualRPC"

It appears ;) [Meaning it's an emulation - RISC OS hasn't been ported at all]

That nit having being picked - much as I am against emulation - it (actually) would be preferable to simply porting all the good native RISC OS applications over to windows and letting RISC OS die - but then, of course, if the only way RISC OS were to survive was under emulation I don't think I for one would particularly want it. Yes in all of this I am deliberately ignoring MacOS and Linux as targets to port to for the simple and somewhat obvious reason that Windows is on the bulk of hardware and (as if that's not enough) I believe long term DRM and content will be so tied into Windows that *nothing else* (not even MacOS) will have a look in. People wanting to use MacOS X, Linux or RISC OS will have to satisfy themselves that they will simply *not* be able to do everything windows can. Is this fair - nope.

Some may view RISC OS' inability to do certain thing as it "failing them" - but if the playing field is well and truly tilted against you what do you expect.

Martin Wuerthner asked>"Maybe you have some suggestions for these areas?"

Even as a non doomsayer I can come up with a few positive suggestions. The problem, as I see it, is that *content* and web based multimedia is too "locked" into Windows OR to closed proprietary standards. If *we* were to implement a cross platform set of multimedia servers either using "open" or even RISC OS based formats (DrawServer anyone) and provide the *server* side software as open source (or for a nominal but small fee) with free plugins for RISC OS (and other) browsers then that might be a way of levelling things. Yes I know SVG exists (for example) - but Draws simplicity might make it more appropriate as a vector format (it's also pretty compact) - or possible (ahem) even Artworks (which can also be rendered on RISC OS). A "Flash" replacement might include sequences of "Draw" format images with timing, looping, fade and other information interleaved, sound I'll admit is a bit more complex - but you can see where I am going with it.

If these were developed in a way that benefitted *all* platform users it might even encourage supporters from *outside* the RISC OS camp to help with it (as it would benefit them too). If it means putting it under GPL or BSD (or some new fangled license) to do it then so be it. Just my tuppenceworth.

 is a RISC OS UserAMS on 11/11/06 4:46PM
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