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mrchocky: 'Is it really worth my effort replying to a rant (I'm hardly the only person who claimed it was)'

Are we reading different forums? I can't see anyone else calling what I wrote a rant.

'moreover, reply to personal accusations?'

I haven't made any, nor do I want you to reply to them. I want you to reply to my points about interfaces, browsers needing them, if you plan to do a style guide one etc. I assumed you had taken it personally because the only comments you had made (and still the majority of your comments) about my posts have nothing to do with browser interfaces.

'And I've most certainly not said "nobody really wants a style guide complient (sic) interface", that is pure fiction on your part.'

How, then, do you want me to interpret 'As I said earlier, the overwhelming response I've had from talking to many people at shows, etc is that the RO compliance is secondary.'? My use of 'nobody' was an exaggeration of 'overwhelming', but I wasn't trying to quote you, I was suggesting an extreme of thought you might have.

'it must be done in GTK with a proper RISC OS backend, so that a large number of programs benefit. Certainly not your selfish demand that I produce a perfectly style guide browser and everything else be damned.'

First of all, I'm not demanding you do anything. If you actually read what I've written I am only defending the idea that interfaces are important even for browsers. What you considered a 'rant' was a clear explanation of why they might be important. I felt it was necessary as a rebuttal of 'Regarding user interfaces, RO style guide, etc, it's an odd topic for browsers...'. I appreicate that it might be very hard to achieve, but that has nothing to do with my point: 'there is great value in making a style-guide compliant browser'.

'I reject your claims about not being prepared to do further work'

I made no such claim. I explained why I thought you were unlikely to produce a style-guide compliant browser on any time scale. Perhaps I'm trying to provoke you into showing how I'm wrong in that regard. Indeed, I've already written that I just want you to say something like 'yes, I know that a style guide complient interface is important and it's something I'd like to work toward'.

'And so, Sendu, since you seem to care so desperately much about this issue, I'm wondering what you're doing to make it happen? That is, beyond resorting to ill-founded accusations against me? Are you going to write a RISC OS GTK2 backend? Will you convince or fund someone else to do so? Or are you hoping that I'll just do it, even though that isn't the priority of the majority of RISC OS users?'

No, I'm not going to write a RISC OS GTK2 backend. I doubt I have enough money to fund more than a week of development time. Of course I'm hoping you'll do it. I hoped you'd do it by explaining why it was important. Sadly you refuse to read or comment on that explanation. How do you know it isn't a priority of the majority of RISC OS users? When people expressed support/ gave money/ talked to you, did they know exactly how it would behave from an interface perspective?

Anyway, since you want me to do /something/, I'll put what little money I have where my mouth is. The day you release a fully style-guide compliant RISC OS Firefox port, I'll give you 1000. Trivial I know, but like I say, it's something.

 is a RISC OS Usersenduran on 15/03/05 2:47PM
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