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I agree with mavhc about blocking IE browsers from sites. Internet Explorer isn't all that bad considering the fact that it hasn't been significantly updated for years, which as RISC OS users should find quite a familiar concept. I think many of you guys run on this over-inflated sense of ego that gives you a false sense of security, but let's face facts:

a) RISC OS has a VERY small following, hence suffers little in the way of being attacked by malicious coders. Microsoft Windows and IE have a HUGE user base which helps to exasperate the problems that are faced when providing an application that opens your computer to the outside world. I doubt anybody nowadays would really want to cause damage to a RISC machine (or network of RISC OS machines) simply because the user base is so small. Even if they did want to, it wouldn't be that difficult anyway considering how many security loop-holes there are in RISC OS as it is - it's very easy to point fingers at the people who give you what you want but not exactly what you need.

b) I never thought Paul Vigay was clever using his anti-MS campaign, it certainly hasn't helped RISC OS grow, in fact it's probably put off some potential users. This mentality pretty much follows from what I've read in your forums, if someone from outside your pond shows a little interest in RISC OS; you either ignore them or chastise them for their lack of 'nerd-knowledge'. Basically, what I'm trying to say is you guys act like the group of school-kids that bullies the new guy but aren't really significant enough to be that popular yourselves - which also leads to the mentality that everything else is bad news and should be slated too.

Sticking a 2MB cache on an ARM processor at the moment would make an already expensive component considerably more so, plus, if Intel were that interested in getting ARM chips into the desktop market they'd have done it before now. PDAs and 3G mobile phones I can well accept (seeing as mobile phone battery life is fast approaching that of laptops now), maybe even Tablet PCs but then you've got the added problem of how do I port optimised x86 aseembler routines to ARM code? Overclocking will always provide some reprieve, but can only go so far before, as has been stated, the power consumption overcasts their usefulness, and in those markets there's already existing chips that can take over if that's the case.

I think RISC OS and ARM are great, in fact they're very much a gem within computing history and I hope they continue to evolve, only, let them evolve at the pace that the technology they run on lets them - you're slice of Intel's pie isn't significant ehough to warrant huge changes just to satisfy your desires. If you really want something faster and more flexible buy a PC too or even an Apple Mac. It's surprising but they're really not that expensive.

 is a RISC OS Useranon/ on 21/10/04 3:29PM
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