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!Alarm has Network Time Setting -- useful if your clock is always wrong. I always thought the OS clock should be able to be reset from the hardware clock too. ANT Suite has a util to set time, and there's free versions.

ZeroConfig Internet Setup -- useful for beginners, is this the same as in Windows uses too?

Ethernet Settings can be changed without requiring a reboot. -- finally this has been added to configure. Was it just Acorn being lazy before?

Direct Share option for all filing systems and individual directories. -- seems useful, how does this work, drag to Sharefs window?

RISC OS machine acts as DNS Server -- handy.

Image File Rendering System -- probably my favourite thing in Select, if just for the concept. What programs make use of this? It does seem to conflict with the ImageFS way of solving a similar problem though.

Sprite re-ordering in !Paint -- PaintFS does this IIRC, but much easier it being in Paint.

SpriteExtend supporting 1:2 sampled JPEGs/EXIF -- Was this the patch released on the newsgroups?

PNG Import to !Draw -- Does Draw keep them as PNG files or are they converted to sprites?

SVG Export from !Paint -- I assume that should be !Draw, similar situation to PNGs and JPEGs

Local flood fill with 'transparent' in !Paint -- Yay

Sprites11 support -- Would work well with very high res desktops as seen on Iyonix

Graphics filtering/conversions -- ImageFS or something else?

Generic fast Image Viewer -- Very useful.

Any filetype supported by IFR as Backdrops -- I have windows covering my desktop

!Paint and !Draw support saving of choices -- isn't there a ROS4 configure plugin for this? Useful if you don't want to edit config files by hand.

Euro currency symbol - The Castle Docs say symbol is at &80 (128) whereas in fact it is at &A4(164) as in RISC OS 4. -- What does that mean? Where's my tick symbol?

Hi res teletext MODE 7 N Y Twice normal resolution - (who uses Mode 7 anymore though.) Unicode font system N Y For alphabets with > 256 characters/glyphs (we mostly speak English) -- aka "I don't need it", "I don't care"

DOSFS handles disc titles properly -- I assume Castle are referring to 1 letter disk labels/titles

Full technical documentation available Y N Many calls in 5 are not documented e.g Wimp_Ext 13 -- [link] . Now where can I see Select documention?

FileSwitch now able to reference path variables through $ Y N e.g Music:$ for <Music$Path> -- What does the filer display, just the files from the first dir in the path?

Built in support for CD Database -- Like CDViewer CDFS supporting Joliet long filenames -- CDROMFS CDFS supporting RockRidge long filenames -- There a patch for CDFS to do this Mimemap now used for Filetype conversions -- very useful

Scroll wheel mice -- Is support in Select still better than in ROS5 now? Active highlighting of selected files when dragging. -- useful Re-organisable Window Furniture -- Now when I come round to fix your computer I won't be able to use it, yay. Seems to be making it possible to make RISC OS more like Windows Refresh option on Filer -- very useful All standard applications now support the Universal Clipboard. -- very useful, although I prefer the instant copy/move/delete, it's quicker.

Updated Advanced Configuration plugins -- 1001 configuration options, all with the same shaped sprites, bad UI choice.

Hardware Profiles -- might be useful, just seems to be making !Boot even more complicated. Of course Middleton doesn't want users editting things inside !Boot. I prefer a pre Uniboot structure, 1 Tasks dir, 1 Predesk dir, 1 System modules dir. I don't need to support multiple OS versions on my computer, it just means I have to search 2/3/4/5 different dirs for the file I want.

 is a RISC OS Usermavhc on 09/03/04 10:46PM
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