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Nice to see how this is going.

But perhaps a translation into a more appropriete english would make things clear. Luckily, my native langauge is the same as Axel and my country is simmilar to where Axel lives. So I can see his viewpoint and definitly understand his nervousity.

At least the UK residents should understand that there are less RISC OS users you come accross abroad than within the UK. In the UK there are still club meetings and fairs where you'll meet each other. This is less appareant outside the UK not to mention the language differences and distances between RISC OS users. Therefore it's MORE frustating to see such a wonderfull OS/platform becomming extinct and more obvious to notice this, when you're outside the UK.

SO what did Axel mean:

He told ROL that he feels its about time that RISC OS runs on other H/W paltforms instead only (a few) ARM-based.

Axel points out HAL and emulation while it are actually these 2 things which lead to this. He probably meant proprietary coding and hardware development. Especially towards non-ARM cpu based hardware. From his point of view it's clear he doesn't see or knows the complexities involved in this. In fact, what Axel describes here is excactly the view of many non-Acorn/RISC OS ppl. They don't know any better too.

With the "ARM and RiscOS is not together anymore."-paragraph he again merely means that he wants to see the link between ARM and RISC OS severed. He's following line clearly states (not entirely wrong if I may say so) that waiting for one company to bring out new and improved ARM-chips will drive the price up. Especially since this all happens at low pace.

Axel wants to see RISC OS running on various platforms. Unfortunatly, as Chocky rightfully remarked, it's not evident to simply re-compile RISC OS apps to make them usable on other platforms unlike Linux).

He's line "But ROL is like Acorn, far away to be clever and see and accept the facts." Means no more that ROL just like Acorn don't see the frustation that non-UK RISC OS users have when they see the low pace and gentlemen attitude of ROL and former Acorn. Compared to the pushy and agressive attidute that other (especially US-originated) companies have towards their products. Users abroad see a much faster decline of the RISC OS "market" and want to see a proud and powerfull company to stand up.

Needles to say I completely understand Axel's frustration. Even more so since I was a former "official" Acorn dealer and had to deal with the Brit "nice guy/gentlemen" attidute personal. I too was frustated that Acorn wouldn't be more pushy in advertising and public relations then its competitors. I'm sure many will remember how fierce foreign RISC OS users reacted when Apple introduced their PowerMac especially in Holland and Belgium.

Noneteless I also understand that a tiny Acorn (or ROL for that matter) really can't fight the big mastodont corporations. They'd crushed Acorn ages ago if Acorn became too pushy. In that respect Acorn lasted longer than Amiga/Commodore so perhaps the gentleme-attidute isn't so bad after all.


Manu T

 is a RISC OS Userepdm3be on 12/11/03 6:29PM
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