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"RISC OS is actually far better abstracted than RISC OS 5." Citation needed. RISC OS 6 has ripped out loads of functionality from the kernel into modules, but most actual hardware access has always been in modules, and what wasn't is mostly done through the HAL in RISC OS 5. What remains in the kernel is largely conditionally assembled; which given the source is available is not a problem. Ripping stuff out into modules does not make a portable OS.

"Perhaps you could list the manufacturers who have produced products using RISC OS 5?" How about the countless hardware platforms that Pace used it on? RISC OS 5 already runs on more hardware platforms /now/ than RISC OS 6 does.

"In comparison the ARM NetBooks offer the best option for the future, and there is no reason why we can't produce RISC OS Six for one or more of them" Except for your previous arguement about how you don't want to port to something without guarantee of supply.

"I should of course point out that no-one other than RISCOS Ltd can licence RISC OS for use on Desktop Computers. (see the Castle FAQ at [link])" Again, citation needed. Additionally, which element of the FAQ are you refering to?

"The costs will be very reasonable, and will not have any commercial impact on the price of a product." If that is the case, I'm sure you'll be happy to publish this information.

"You will notice also from the above Castle Press Release that they admitted that RISC OS 5 included most of the RISC OS 4 enhancements, when RISC OS 5 was released." And how many of them were ROL's doing? I note that the most obvious of them, the 3D window hack, is missing.

"Our Head Licence gave us the copyright to all derivative works created from the sources we received from Element 14, for use in our market after a 4 year period." The legal standing of this statement is simply astonishingly wobbly, as well as vague as can be. Firstly, it refers to the sources you received, not the sources Castle received. Past that, you simply can't assign copyright automatically like that.

"If everyone expects RISC OS to be given away for free then who is going to make any money to support new development? How will RComp or CJE or Martin Wuerthner make any money to develop new products, if everyone expects everything RISC OS related to be given away for free?" I'm sure the free software movement has passed you by; even OSes that aren't themselves open and free have thriving application businesses, both open or otherwise.

"We put a tagline on our new web site to say that it was best viewed by Netsurf, as a clear sign of support for people who may not have heard of Netsurf to give it a try, but you just complained." That's because it wasn't best viewed in NetSurf; it was dreadful HTML exported by a Windows application that made assumptions that are mostly untrue under RISC OS.

"You don't include any links to RISCOS Ltd on the Netsurf pages, as if to try and make out that we don't exist. How about practising a bit of all round promotion for RISC OS, rather than just links to Drobe, ROOL and riscos.info on the Netsurf browser default page?" Because your website has no content of interest, and most users wouldn't feel the need to visit it. We provide links to several RISC OS-related enterprises; mostly those who directly support and sponsor us. Perhaps you'd like to make a contribution.

In all, this post's the funniest thing I've read all week; circular arguments, vague assertions, and outright self-contradiction. Well done, Paul. I'm sure even fewer people now take you seriously.

 is a RISC OS Userrjek on 22/5/09 12:47AM
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