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I have (finally) found what the any-corner resizing application is called. It's "!Resizer" (duh), by Nick Jarman, available from the "Utils - Desktop/Misc (36)" page of the Arcade BBS: [link] Direct download link: [link]

Abridged from Wikipedia:

Exposé allows a user to quickly locate an open window, or to hide all windows and show the desktop without the need to click through many windows to find a specific target.

Exposé includes three separate features for organising windows:

- "All windows" feature shows all windows, shrinking their appearance so they all fit on a single screen.

- "Application windows" is the same, but only for the currently active application. The windows shrink less because there are fewer windows. This set of windows can be cycled through with TAB.

- "Desktop" moves all windows off-screen, with just the edges of the windows visible on one side of the screen.

The article goes' on to discuss various key/hotkey/mouse/screen combinations used to activate the feature, most of which not used by mainstream applications and not intrusive, eg pushing the mouse against screen corners. Could be used in RO by pushing against screen top, as left/right used in virtual desktop and bottom in alternative to f12.

Windoze Vista has Windows Flip 3D, whereby all open windows can be animation-viewed in a manner similar to alt-tab application switching (or shift-f2 (on !Zap only as yet(?)) on RO).

In conclusion, Exposé is a grouping of windows, a viewing mechanism for window thumbnails (at various sizes), and a desktop/pinboard access mechanism.

The description implies MacOS has an concept of hidden windows, although how comparable this is with iconised windows is unclear, particularly as iconised objects appear on the desktop and hidden ones do not... As, er, explained by hEgelia (above). This clarification appeals to me: Often I open multiple windows in !Zap so I can search all of them for a summary list of substrings (f4, ctrl-A), and I don't need all those (hundreds of) windows open at the same time, even if they do tidily confine themselves to one region of the screen!

This generalises as grouping and cycling mechanisms. MacOS currently limits the grouping to active applications; it would be nice to have the option to do this or any set of applications / any set of windows, possibly with overlapping and named sets allowed, maybe dragging windows between groups.

Quite a variety types of grouping mechanisms are possible, only as subset on any current platform of course! New ones need to be thought of, eg the "Desktop Window" idea from my earlier post. There is an existing application, albeit pinboard-only, that allows much of this, called !StickBoard, by Sergio Monesi.

Additional desktop access mechanisms need to avoid the alt-ctrl-select-f11 excess combinations, maybe by adding an additional icon the window furniture, or more functions to the iconise icon. A good example is dragging the resize icon resizes a window; a bad one shift-alt copies text (which I like BTW) & confines mouse region when patch used.

Effective & quick intuitive workflow is something to be careful about with the user-interface to new desktop paradigms, not least because "mousecuts" are being used up rapidly.

- * -

Browsing through Wikipedia, some widgets seem to be missing from core RO support, although they could be user-programmed relatively easily.

The Virtual Desktop is unknown on the PC, and MacOS lags behind with its "Spaces", only having the most basic screen-switching support.

The MacOS Automator looks interesting. It allows inter-application desktop macros. To some extent this is replicated in !Keystroke (which I have yet to fully master). It would be nice to extend this to drag-and-drop, so you could automatically wait for one application to finish processing a multiple selection, then pass it on to another. Since pipes are already taken, and ditto hyperpipes, I propose calling these "superduperpipes".

Then there is Windoze' rather bizarre "fold-and-drop" concept, to reach covered-up objects, essentially an alternative transparency.

There are interesting things happening where web applications and website functionality move closer together, such as Google Earth being mistaken by one of my friends for "a pretty impressive website", when, of course, it isn't a website at all, and flickr's interactive feedback uploader. Not all of these are difficult to program, as illustrated by the buttons in dialogue boxes that invoke web pages and email programs, present on virtually all platforms now.

 is a RISC OS UserAnon on 26/3/09 1:01PM
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