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Sorry long post, no direct internet connection, only just noticed this forum/thread, 'need urgently to go and, er, celebrate New Years, etc:

I have been threatened with prison if I tell why the Government is pushing Ms so much, but if I don't make any references to who I am, the establishment I used to work for can't do that.... (cue manical laughter)

It's another scam to get taxpayers money, then waste it senselessly... There was an initative to get more computers into schools, which were at the time being nicely stocked up with Acorn machines. Then several things happened around the same time:

-Acorn cashed itself in.

-The media jumped to conclusions about spare parts not being avilable and said Acorn machines were no longer a viable option.

-Microsoft started a load of "Intel inside" and "easy networking" (lie), and "plug and play" (lie, the sequel) TV commercials, which headteachers fell for; hook, line and sinker. (No Acorn commercials, see?) Then they insisted that all Heads of ICT buy PCs instead, which cost ten times the amount and, as we all know, don't work. This provided a massive demand for massive IT budgets, which played back into the Government's hands. The Government, as usual, weren't listening about the details of whether this still made any sense...

Now these computers may be American but the Government can't see that because most of them are built in this country, and all those companies pay more taxes on that. And don't forget which PM is best buddies with the American Government, who collect the other half of the tax bonaza.

On the bright side, all that trumping 'n' junking boosted the Acorn secondhand market, which helped cheap old me no end.

Not all is lost though: The Chinese Government, fed up with buying expensive product that doesn't produce and fixes that don't fix, has outlawed all Microsoft products. Posession, selling or use of Windows etc in China is now illegal. Here's hoping the United Gates goes on holiday there.

... So the Government are not pushing Ms in schools, true. They're pushing computers in schools, but blindly, like all the other stuff they do.

They Are American computers -- clones built here, designed in the States, any changes the slave designs have to follow Exactly.

Nonetheless, some schools (mainly private ones) continue to use and promote Acorn machines, with one dusty old PC in the corner somewhere as comparision. And so the PC stays dusty.

"Frothing about how much better it is than MS product." 'Trouble is, a broken pencil and an abacus frequently out-performs Ms. Product, so saying that it does that it generally not enough, ie saying how it outperforms, instead.

I frequently use PCs connecting to the internet un-practically-tracably at intercafe's, 90% of my skill is used just keeping the thing running long enough for it to do anything useful at all, but always bloody slowly, except POV & Ghostscript in MsDos, but then stack overflows or memory problems if you try to do anything fancy.

Some schools did and do get a massive IT budget of millions, but budgets are segegated and other departments can be denyed a new felt-tip pen while brand-new scanners, printers, etc arrive daily at the ICT Dept.

Now, stop that! British schools do an exellent job under unbelivable pressure. I know, I used to work in, er... If only our hospitals were up to it. Perhaps they need Acorns more? Come to think of it, the hospital I went to last was sparkling. The US scan got my beard all sticky, but that's entirely unavoidable.

Oh, and: Happy New Year!!

 is a RISC OS UserAnon on 3/1/04 9:06PM
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