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There's new stuff. Simple.

By . Published: 7th Nov 2002, 20:41:16 | Permalink | Printable

In a blatant mop-up of recent csa.announce postings, here's a summary of "new stuff" available.

We're really busy with other things here at drobe.co.uk, but to keep you abreast of the latest cool goings-on in RISC OS land, we present a blatant mopping-up of the most recent cool items posted to the csa.announce newsgroup:

SuperFPEm 2.42
SuperFPEm 2, the FPEmulator performance enhancer has been updated. It has had bug-fixes and performance enhancements. SuperFPEm 2 is a freeware module that installs in parallel with the standard RISC OS FPEmulator module. It speeds up common maths operations for software using the ARM FPA instructions. All RiscPCs (but for a rare few) lack this hardware and rely on software emulation. SuperFPEm is no use to the Riscstation R7500 machines, the Acorn A7000+, or the Microdigital Mico.

Download SuperFPEm.

RiscX 0.07
For those that don't know, RiscX is an X Server application for RISC OS. It allows you to run the various X client programs on a remote server (Usually a Unix/Linux based system) and see the output on your RISC OS desktop. Its one way of getting Mozilla to run on a RISC OS box.

Changes in this version are:
  • Added 4, 16, and 32bit depth support. Access via the -depth argument
  • Improved the efficency of screen updates in the multi tasking version of RiscX. Thus giving a speed increase.
  • Enabled LBX (Low Bandwidth X)
Go get it here : http://www.beyondthought.co.uk/

KinoAMP v0.22
KinoAMP is a version of Kino using AMPlayer to play the soundtrack. It is based on Kino v0.3 from eQ R&D, and was produced to provide improved operation on StrongArm machines. It does not however contain any StrongArm specific code.

Changes in this release are:
  • Improved 32 thousand colour support using dithering.
  • Options to multitask when using the desktop.
  • On screen display includes playing time and frame number.
  • When multitasking, a Drawfile is displayed for 1 second before the film starts. An example is included (but is very easily deleted if not required).
Download your free copy from http://www.everett9981.freeserve.co.uk/pete.htm

ARMalyser 0.35
ARMalyser is an ARM code analyser that understands RISC OS executable, module, object and library formats. It can output disassembler or ObjAsm assembly styles, in plain text, fully hyperlinked and syntax coloured HTML, XML or custom formats for import into Impression, EasiWriter and Ovation Pro. It is available for 26bit and 32bit RISC OS with a desktop front end, and command line versions for Win32, ARM and x86 Linux.

There's a whole swathe of changes in this version, making it even more useful. See the original news posting for more details!

Download 0.35 from the ARM Club website

Thumbcat 2.0pre
The author says: "The original intention of this program was to create an HTML catalogue of photos that could be burnt onto a CD and be compatible with both RISCOS and Windows. An immediate need of my own. The first version achieved all of this perfectly. However, it immediately (I really do mean zero seconds!) became apparent that the functionality could be extended to include all types of images, including vector files, and that editing of catalogue details would make far more sense in an interactive catalogue environment rather than the text files. Enter version 2 (I couldn't upload v1 anyway due to a website problem). This greatly extends the original scope so that Thumbcat will catalogue [many more media types]."

You can get it from Malcolm's website

FSI_Batch 2.9
Batch FSI is a front-end to ChangeFSI and allows you to drop up to 200 image files on its window. It will now convert all these images according to the options selected, while you can go away and have a cup of tea or a well deserved nap. Most of the options can be selected with buttons, rather than via menus. This version has one very useful addition - you can now enter the scale of any conversion as a percentage value - from 5% to 1000%.

You can get this marvel from Jochen's website

That's it. Phew
Cut'n'pasting done. I'm off for a lie down now.

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"Version 1.45 of Zap was released on 6th November 2002"

More goodies for the treasure trove :)

 is a RISC OS UserNoMercy on 10/11/02 2:49AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Hm. Zap. Might do a review of it at some point. It seems to be used by a fair amount of people and there's quite a lot of versions it seems. Development tool guide, or something.

Ok, posting comments when half asleep isn't such a good idea ;)

Chris, drobe.co.uk

 is a RISC OS Userdiomus on 10/11/02 2:59AM
[ Reply | Permalink | Report ]

Zap. Yes, well, it's been awful since 1.4x so I personally stick to 1.35 which is clean, simple, doesn't crash and easy to use. The more horrid junk that gets stuck in Zap, the more I hate it. It's such a shame to see a great piece of software get mangled and messed up like that. :-(

 is a RISC OS Userian on 10/11/02 12:26PM
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