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Hi Peter.

Sorry I didn't take as much time to write the article as I did with my recent article to a scientific journal. I am a bit concerned that you could not understand what I was saying. I'll rewrite it for the benefit of you. I'll try and be breif with this one but hope you understand.

"Hey guys.

This isnt doing anyone any good is it?"

Slagging does the platform no good. I then wrote

"I don't use RISC OS because I cannot get the software I require on this platform. However, I remember having to post somewhere for popstar help a few years ago just to get email. On MAcos at the time this was easy with a gui based system with dialoge boxes. Seems that heermes is the same simple to setup app. Good luck to them.

So up comes hermes and people start slagging it. If it makes things wasier for novices then it is a good app. Simple."

Translated this can read as:- One fo the reasons I left RISC OS was because I had to compromise with, either function or setup time (manually editing lines in prefernce files via !ZAP). I did my bit by subscribing to software and projects like the unix porting project but in my opinion, this was money down the drain. I therefore, stopped. I do see it is getting apps ported but too late for me.

Applications like hermes may have persuaded me to stay in RISC OS.

Then I wrote:-

"So what if a programmer could write one quickly!!!! They havent and didnt. RCOMP have and they sell it. They also offered me excellent service in the past (even phonecalls to the house) with another app.

It is a bit like one of my windows and palm apps.... One is an IDE for databases. Is it as good as runrev, VB, etc..... Well NO it is NOT. Is it easier to make a simple database with my app. YES. That is why it is usefull.

How long would it take a pro developer to make one themselves... Hmmmm 3 days max. BUT they havent. "

Translated this can be read as:-

The app is being criticised because it could be written in a few hours. So could one of my apps but that is not the point. The app is there and fulfills a market gap.

Mrchocky. You wrote

"As for fetchmail; I suspect I'm the only person who has actually looked at it,..."

However, nunfettishist wrote "fetchmail is quite able to write files to disc - examine the "sendmail" interface." I understood that to mean theat Rob had actually "looked" at the application, yet you suspect that you are the only person that has looked at it.

Adam and Stephen. I'm glad you can read my hastilly written english.

Bye Bob

 is a RISC OS Useranon/ on 30/01/05 8:18PM
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