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Username: AFT
Realname: Alec Taylor
About me:Independent Baptist minister (retired, but still active in Christian work). Married with two sons, (both married) and four grandchildren.
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On Select nets 1,000th subscriber:

Josh Eiken — I agree. May I make a suggestion?

Paul Beverley is a great ambasssador for RISC OS. I have always found him approachable, non-confrontational and reasonable. He did a great job with Archive magazine, and if he could be persuaded to head ROL now that he has handed over Archive, it would be great. I might even be persuaded to subscribe to select on a strict understanding that I would be receiving applications for my Iyonix.

This is probably fruitless speculation, because I cannot see PM standing down.

 is a RISC OS UserAFT on 18/07/07 1:41PM
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On Scientologists eyed up RISC OS - new claim:

In answer to Simon C. — You are quite wrong in saying that 'being religious is accepting what you are told unquestioningly.' I grant you that there are gullible people who fit this category, many of whom are not religious. I have been a Christian for 56 years and have read anti-Christian books and others religions. Making sweeping statements does not enhance your argument. What upset me, is the sheer rudeness and dismissiveness of some who have attacked Christians in these posts. I agree, however, that this is 'off-topic' and I plead for those of you who are so intolerant to moderate your bitter comments.

 is a RISC OS UserAFT on 28/09/06 12:31AM
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On Scientologists eyed up RISC OS - new claim:

Sorry for a spelling mistake and a couple of words not delated. Perhaps it reveals the indignation I felt in my response.

 is a RISC OS UserAFT on 28/09/06 09:25AM
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On Scientologists eyed up RISC OS - new claim:

'The world would be a lot better place if there was less tolerance of any and all religions.' In reply to Druck, 'Not well said! As a Christian, I agree that there is bad religion as well as good religion. I know that Drobe should be dealing with RISC OS matters rather than religion, but the intolerance of some of you out there shows just how small-minded and petty you really are. You have allowed yoiurselves to be brainwashed with atheism and you do not in not have an open mind. Paul Beverley has had the guts to stand up and be counted, though I agree that some may feel that a computer magazine is not the place to push one's religious beliefs.

Look at the mess that Britain is in now that it has forsaken its Christian heritage.

 is a RISC OS UserAFT on 28/09/06 09:21AM
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On Omega USB project contemplated:

I would like to apologise to Andrew Rawnsley if the text of my message implied any criticism of him. I omitted to place a question mark following the text, <How many RISC OS developers (himself included) ask for up-front payment for vague promises of upgrades on software or hardware?> I was not implying any criticism of Andrew who has many satisfied customers. The area of disagreement is that I would not send any advance payments to Select who have continually failed to deliver. This and the Omega project, with its advance payments and failure to deliver, has greatly damaged the RISC OS market, undermining confidence.

Developers who have a proven record of reliability should have little trouble in raising support and there are those with whom I have had dealings to whom I would gladly and confidently send an advance payment if requested.

I hope that this clears up any misunderstanding.

 is a RISC OS UserAFT on 4/3/06 8:48PM
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