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On RISCWorld mag back-issues reprinted online for free:

Hi again - everyone!

Perhaps I did not quite word my last posting that clearly - well I was at work at the time - I am now its late so i may make a few mistakes now - but still....

Actually I welcome people with any kind of opinion be it positive or negative, or critical.

I want to listen to talk to people who are critical as i would like to see if there is something i can do to change what they see as being wrong or possibly explain some more about why the way things are

What I would could call a meaningful discussion. I often think that critics can actually be the most useful and helpful people in showing what is really wrong in some places, as long as thee is the meaningful discussion of course

But no there is not anything that is all sunshine and roses and happiness and to pretend there is would be insulting to everyone whatever their inclination and also it would be rather boring. As a race we do tend to thrive on conflict of one sort or another.

I do not think i was advocating blind loyalty but there you go

but there is a marked difference between constructive criticism and just being critical for its own sake

so - okay to anyone who has a criticism what would you do to change or improve what you do not like?

Then i am interested in having a discussion

otherwise i fear you just might being petty for its own sake, which while i can understand is the way things can be , part of life and some people are just like that and so on - and cathartic for the people expressing their opinions

But I would have to say sorry I am less interested in having any discussion at all with people who are critical for its owns sake and i would add you give the constructive critics a bad name

but what to do eh, thats life - so live it, like it or do not like it

bring your problems to the table or leave them at home

its up to the individual at the end of the day


Robin Barnard


 is a RISC OS UserBernardRobin on 21/8/09 11:31PM
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On RISCWorld mag back-issues reprinted online for free:

Hi there,

Sorry I have been a bit busy with one thing and another or I would have replied to this topic a bit sooner!

Firstly of most important of all I would say that it is a incredibly generous gesture of Aarons and Dave’s parts in getting almost the whole of the RISC World online

It was a shame that it had to stop although i think the reasons why had the best inteions of the magazine and the RISC OS community at heart

Putting the magazine online Aaaron and Dave have almost effectively waived any sales money away and they have done this with the Risc Os community in mind and I am sure there will be a lot of people of all kinds of persuasions who will find the gesture very useful indeed!

As for the rest

I would consider myself a new RISC OS user, even though I returned to the OS after quite some time

Having said that did undertake quite a bit of looking around at lots of different places before deciding to get a Virtual Acorn

And I will be honest enough to say it was only the balance between my previous experience as a RISC OS user (having owned an A3010 back in the day) and what I could see now that formed my decision.

If I was a strictly speaking new user unfamiliar with RISC OS then I would agree it is hard to know that much in a consistent and up front manner. I actually do not think it’s a case of the things that users are looking for are not there I just think that they is not one place where everything is focused together in a way that could appeal to any potential user.

There still are a lot of web sites with out of date and contradictory information but the market is small and people can’t afford to update their sites that often so I understand this as well.

In fact I wrote a letter more or less to the effect that appeared in Risc World itself!

I personally think the platform has a lot of untapped potential and was personally excited to see the excellent work that ROOL and its volunteer coders are doing to get the platform onto other equipment.

I do think that really it is up to all of us as RISC OS User what we think and want from the platform, we could easily be cynical and negative but in honesty this a self fulfilling prophecy with an inevitable conclusion with the true cynic turning around say saying “see I told you so”

-- OR – and hey just give a try to see if you like it or not

You could try being positive and supportive or even – heaven forbid come with some positive practical solutions for the issues you see and why not even take it a step further see what you can do yourself about making these possible, work together with other similarly minded people to achieve what the platform future could be.

That’s another good thing that the platform is open to anyone who is willing to try

So rjek – what you say – you are obviously passionate about RISC OS – so why not put that passion to a good use, oh sure it may not work out exactly the way you think, but it wont hurt to try


Robin Barnard

 is a RISC OS UserBernardRobin on 21/8/09 1:47PM
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On Last issue of Foundation RISCWorld published:

If like me you are a owner of a Virtual Acorn machine, you will probably have some idea of just how hard Aaron works!

Although I am relatively new to the platform I think the level of support he offers and the obvious passion for RISC OS is incredible and he is a friendly approachable guy as well

Just supporting VA would be enough to keep most people busy especially at the level of dedication Aaron does

But Aaron also is very much part of the RISC OS operating system, his also loves cars,has his web an print business and until now FRISC World as well

How he managed to keep all this going and for so long beggars belief and I honestly think if anyone deserves a rest it is most certainly Aaron

So although it will be sad for FRISC World to go, Aaron will still very much be a major part of the RISC OS community and I think we all owe him some measure of thanks (the amount being determined by how much help or support Aaron has given everyone) in deciding to focus more on VA

Maybe VA might not everyones cup of tea, but without it i and probably quite a few others wouldn't even be here now

So thanks Aaron - here's hoping you have the best in the future, whatever it may be

 is a RISC OS UserBernardRobin on 1/4/09 10:57PM
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