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On What should be the platform's priority for 2009?:

I'd suggest unifying the OS, then looking towards emulation. Hardly anyone wants to pay huge amounts of cash for RISC OS - it's so behind in terms of modern operating systems and desktop environments that it's embarrassing.

Oh and sort out the crappy cooperative multitasking which makes the whole thing feel so much worse. Locking up the system for 10+ seconds to unzip a 5Mb archive really isn't acceptable these days in a desktop environment. I actually prefer using the command line to the desktop simply because I expect that to single-task and don't mind the wait - then again, I prefer to avoid using RISC OS for anything remotely significant anyway. It's simply a morbid curiosity thing, wanting to know how much the OS has progressed in 15 years and quite frankly it hasn't made much.

Basically I'd say that anyone wanting RISC OS on it's own PC hardware is as delusional as the idiots at Castle. Asking people to pay through the nose to pay for it is also just as laughable.

I suggest that anyone who's serious about developing for ARM based machines should just abandon RISC OS - it's a waste of your personal time and money. You're not martyrs and holding the candle for a system which no-one really gives a s*** about will only get you burned as so many have already learned - and there's plenty of money to be made from programming ARM p;processors elsewhere.

 is a RISC OS UserCalculon on 6/1/09 9:56AM
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On User-friendly RPCEmu for Windows emerges:

By the way, this version of RPCEmu doesn't seem to allow configuring the number of IDE discs which basically means creating and formatting a drive with the new FS specs is much more difficult. I'm going to try and go back to 0.7 which also didn't make use of a DOS launcher.

The only nice thing is the mouse following aspects. Nice try though.

 is a RISC OS UserCalculon on 3/1/09 10:00PM
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On User-friendly RPCEmu for Windows emerges:

The £25 includes the Virtually Free RO 4.02 and the 4.39 upgrade disc. You can copy the 4.39 ROM image from the CD and work the 4.39 boot structure into RPCEmu but I remember getting Broken Directory errors quite frequently even when using my RISC PC 15 years ago.

The emulator is just too flaky and RISC OS obviously hasn't matured enough to avoid screwing up the system boot up due to something which is effectively just an emulated power-cut. Whilst I release that forced power-downs are not good for any OS, most cope much more admirably.

Maybe in a few more years I'd recommend RISC OS and RPCEmu - then again, I said the same thing five years ago about Linux becoming a desktop OS and look what a horrible mess that's become. Oh well...

 is a RISC OS UserCalculon on 3/1/09 5:57PM
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On User-friendly RPCEmu for Windows emerges:

To be honest, until the emulator is a LOT more stable I wouldn't bother. I've used the RO 4.02/4.39 ROM images with RPCEmu over 7 days total and experienced in the region of 30 crashes, 2 of which screwed the !Boot folder rendering the boot sequence useless.

I'd have thought in this day and age that having a stable filing system would be one of the most important aspects of an OS but as usual the stupid features like pretty border graphics take precedent.

Worst £25 I've spent in a long time, the whole OS is just so archaic it's awful and just not worth the effort to bring it up to any reasonable degree of standards.

 is a RISC OS UserCalculon on 3/1/09 1:41PM
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On Using ROL's 4.02 ROM image in Linux RPCEmu:

You can upgrade to RISC OS 4.39 too, but it's a bit more complicated. I'll try and put up how I managed it - it doesn't work using the soft-load method on the upgrade CD (just buggers the emulation up)

 is a RISC OS UserCalculon on 15/12/08 10:49AM
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