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Username: CrazyRisc
Realname: Allan Dawes
About me:Mechanically minded in the Working world, and a competent computer user, capable of being able to pick things up rather quickly.
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On Wakefield 2008 to be held in April:

Oh, I'll be there. I'm hoping I can get my hands on an A9Home at last, as I've been passing up the opertunity for too long now. I'd also be looking forward to all the ususal developments from all.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 11/11/07 9:08PM
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On Building a RISC OS laptop out of Lego:

By swapping the HHD for a CF card and an IDE to CF adaptor (available on Ebay for less than a fiver), you can have a small solid state drive. Not only does this get around the physical size problem, but does not generate heat too. It also should make room for the RAM slot.

But as cool as this lego laptop looks, I would have to agree with 'hzn', about using a breifcase, but I really would like to make a Lego Midi Tower - Peter's just looks too good with the Acorn logo the side with a light up background.

Now an A9Home Laptop is something worth a go. While Advantage 6 have made the box and the 'stuffed in a monitor' versions, we've yet to see a real Laptop config. Note :- for anyone wanting to try this, don't forget your warranty will be invalid (unless you stuff the whole A9 box in there too).

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 11/11/07 9:05PM
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On Oregano 3 spotted on a RISC OS desktop:

In reply to rjek: Entering an image search under google was faster under O2, than Netsurf. But speed was not the main complaint about either of these browsers. Yes, O2 does have issues when it tries to open pages it can't handle, but then Netsurf seems to suffer a memory leak or something, as it can't handle too many searches from Google's image base, before it bomb's out. Yes I do use Netsurf as my main RiscOS browser, but O2 is on backup. If O3 can deliver, then I'd be interesed in it.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 19/9/07 11:31PM
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On Oregano 3 spotted on a RISC OS desktop:

I like O2, as it seems to be the most stable, as well as very quick. Sadly, its real limitation on website handle forces me to use an alternative - the not quite stable Netsurf. While Netsurf can handle just about anything thrown at it, O2 still beats it on speed. However, even Netsurf looses its bottle when using Google to browse imiges. After about three pages, Netsurf, seems to fall off the digital wave and into the void of *BLEEP!*. If O3 is brought out, I will be among the first to jump for it!

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 19/9/07 5:51PM
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On Big Ben Club organises mini-Expo:

Oh no! While i'd love to attend more shows, etc, I will be spending the time in a plaster cast, following an Op. Oh well, there's always the next event.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 19/9/07 5:44PM
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On Early Soundblaster Live Iyonix driver released:

Add-on to my pervious post: Now that I've turned off the DSP on the PC, and actually listened through headphones, the Iyonix sounds the same.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 4/8/07 5:28AM
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On Early Soundblaster Live Iyonix driver released:

In Reply to ksattic: I have a Yamaha 5.1 Amp, with a modist set of Mission speakers (Modist for the price/size of room that is). I also have a Good pair of Sennheiser headphones. The audio does sound crisp, but I just feel it lacks depth. Maybe its the extra Software DSP created by Winamp on the PC that makes it sound a bit more lively. I will admit it is hard to tell apart.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 3/8/07 8:34PM
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On Early Soundblaster Live Iyonix driver released:

This is just the best news. I was about to ebay off my SB !Live 5.1 card about a month ago, because is was only gathering dust. Now hopefully, there is a new home for it in my Iyonix. I've often felt the Iyonix's on-board audio to be a bit rough at high pitch, or volume, but then the SARisc PC I have also has problems with it's Stereo Jack (crakles bad when subjected to even the slightest vibration - Such as a 100Watt speaker sat at each end of the desk). While I have loved the idea of RiscOS being able to handle MP3's, I still use WinXP to handle it for the Digital Audio.

I have to ask, but for those who have the benifit of both the Iyonix and a Windows PC side by side, does the Iyonix seem abit Clinical, i.e. something lacking, such as DSP, or some sort of depth. I mean the sound is good on the Iyonix, no question, but I do feel it's a bit lacking somewhere.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 3/8/07 6:03PM
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On Wakefield 2007 live news and photos:

Well I thought the show had a very positive drive forward. Advantage Six seem to be promoting their little box of tricks well, and so too were Risc OS Ltd, with Risc OS 6. I think I came away with more stuff than I usually buy, although I having problems using HForm on my RiscOS 4.39 disc (OK, so I opened a folder this one time containing New Look from the old 3.11 days, and it totally messed up my long file names), and now I'm buring my head in the sand, and saying to myself, "Why did I do that!?!?! - I thought only Microsoft could do this to me!" So anyway, I'll just have to pull the drive, and format it in another 4.39 machine.

My thanks to the RComp team, for giving a Messenger pro for us windows dummies. I'd been spending ages on my Iyonix trying to set it up, and with a quick guide, I'll be up and running on my RiscPC - When I get Risc OS 6 up and running - When I........ And so on. We all have to have something fun to do on our computers these days. I'm not saying it's a bad thing all this setting up - It's the crashing part after that Windows manages to do well at that keeps the cleaver/dumb thing in ballance.

I did think quite hard about Castles Risc OS 5.12/5.13 upgrade, but I though, the upgrade mainly addresses the new series of graphics cards, and when asked about the new series of cards (in terms of redraw speed), they were frank, and said not much. So sadly I passed on this opertunity to upgrade.

Good thing too as CJE Micros were raking in the money (including myself). They had a very good line up of extras, A9Homes, Poduals, and more extras. Leaving with the now hard to find Viewfinder, I hope this little gem will beef up my viewing plesure on my RiscPC.

As advertised by APDL, Draw Works XL is top of the line. Until now, I'd been using Draw Plus, from 199 something.

Finnaly, I hope everyone can forgive me for this rather long post.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 23/5/07 9:06PM
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On Oregano 3 scrapped:

I never really found much use for Oregano 2 to be honest. It always crashed out, or could not handle the websites I browsed. NetSurf seems to be the way forward.

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 24/4/07 6:53AM
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On Could NetSurf 2.0 support JavaScript?:

I would love to see NetSurf 2. NetSurf is currently my main RiscOS browser, but I agree, the lack of JS and Flash does force me to use other browsers, and even in some cases, forces me onto the PC. But I think NetSurf is doing very well, as there are few RiscOS browsers that have as much web page support as this does. While FireFox fills in some of the blanks, it's slow pace makes it a bit of problem (especially when I have Windows (X)perimental (P)ersonallity running on the machine next to the Iyonix).

 is a RISC OS UserCrazyRisc on 3/4/07 8:01PM
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