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On Archive mag compiles articles into books:


It's all fun and games until someone cuts their mouth eating the plastic manual or spills their drink on the cloth one and then shrinks it in the wash!

 is a RISC OS UserFonz on 21/11/05 12:52AM
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On A9home compatibility list open for all:

It's working fine for me now using Safari 2 Looks like there's something strange going on with the server unless it's been updated in the last 25mins

 is a RISC OS UserFonz on 18/10/05 8:25AM
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On Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher?:

Yeah the Iyonix does include a whole bunch of software that'll cope with most simple things like web browsing, writing letters, spreadsheets and networking. If you took virgin OS X, RISC OS and XP boxes from Apple, Castle and Dell then did a comparison it would be fine to decide that RISC OS was the best. The comparison would be fair if you were to look at 3 equally priced systems, say a 1.8ghz G5 powermac, a top spec Iyonix and a 3.4ghz P4 XPS all with 240gb, 1gb, CDRW and no monitor. Then you can start to compare which can do what out of the box and then compare software to match. This still isn't totally fair since the G5 comes with a trial of Office but not Appleworks, you can also specify what software you get with the Dell, the best comparison would be to set requirements and a budget for hardware and software and see which does best.

As for the cost of RISC OS debate... The current cost of new RISC OS machines that are a genuine upgrade from my StrongARM RiscPC makes me adding much money into the RISC OS economy a very slim prospect, I can't afford the investment in a new machine or yearly OS upgrades, my RiscPC does everything I need as a hobby machine. PCs and Macs offer more for less, should the market try to reduce prices so more people like me will spend money on new hardware/software or should they increase it since only the hardcore users are upgrading and they love the OS so much they'll pay an extra 20-30%? Maybe they've got the ballance right as it is, if you realy want to use RISC OS and are on a power user budget then the TCO is similar to entry level powermacs.

 is a RISC OS UserFonz on 19/02/05 02:35AM
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On Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher?:

Are you seriously comparing safari/firefox and appleworks to a risc os web browser !Artworks2 AND Ovation Pro? Comparing hundreds of pounds worth of software with a free web browser and a piece of software that was either included free (on some consumer macs) or will set you back 65 is hardly fair. If you want a graphics package to rival the 169 you'll pay for Artworks then you need to at least buy something like EazyDraw ($95). Also how does a PC screw up printing letters when you've got a copy of Office?

In your examples RISC OS wins because you stacked a 300 or so advantage it's way by buying lots of specialist software. With the PC you could have used openoffice or just purchased Word or even Works and spent the 250+ saved on office on some other software that could meet your needs.

For the record I use RISC OS, OS X and XP. My RiscPC only gets used for fun these days, I do most of my word processing and web browsing on my 387mb 700mhz G3 ibook rather then my 2ghz 1gb Dual monitor PC. It wins out for graphics and games only because of it's extra mhz, RAM, GF4 graphics card and monitors. My next computer will be a mac because they hardly every crash, can do almost everything I need and almost always work (my ibook only ever reboots for OS updates), unlike windows which seems to know when you have a deadline and chooses that exact moment to refuse to boot properly.

I love RISC OS and OS X and windows isn't the best OS ever but you have got to compare Apples to Apples or in this case Apples to Acorns (with similar software).

 is a RISC OS UserFonz on 18/02/05 10:51PM
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