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Username: Footie
Realname: Michael Foot
About me:
Homepage: http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/mjfoot
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On Video: Prof Steve Furber on 8-bit Acorn days and beyond:

Wow, this is great. Very interesting. Nice to hear that he still uses an BBC emulator and an Archimedes emulator! I wonder which emulators he uses?

 is a RISC OS UserFootie on 4/9/09 7:03AM
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On Qercus columnist soldiers on after blog storm:

I know this is not a political forum and that was just my opinion but I will reply anyway.

I didn’t say I agreed with sterilisation, I said I agreed with the underlying principal, that people who cannot afford to support children should not have them until they can. Your second statement agrees with this too. Sometimes I feel strongly in agreement with John’s original statement and sometimes I do not. It depends on my mood at the time. Actually putting that comment into practice is a vastly different exercise than simply stating it. People who overtax the benefit system are not going to stop just because they are told to be responsible. How to get these people to do that will always be an issue.

The political correct statement was to the fact that John was pressured to resign over his blog entry which you have also pointed out. I guess I didn’t make that clear. Never the less, unless John has a history of wild statements, I don’t feel the odd comment is enough to force someone to resign.

BTW, I was going to edit my original post after I posted it, but Drobe does not allow edits.

 is a RISC OS UserFootie on 27/3/08 8:22PM
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On Qercus columnist soldiers on after blog storm:

IMHO, the comments are a bit harsh but on the right track. Those who can't afford to bring up children should not have them. This is typical a knee-jerk reaction from the politically correct crowd but he seems to have lots of support judging from the comments on some newspaper sites.

At least he's still willing to contribute to the RISC OS scene, which is good news for us.

 is a RISC OS UserFootie on 27/3/08 1:21AM
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On Morison in Organizer open source u-turn :

In reply to Alexander: Do you mean Rugby? Hate the game myself. Prefer Football (Soccer), but that's not the reason for my nickname. My surname is Foot. Anyway; I believe there are a good number of RISC OS users in Christchurch. There is already a list for NZ users at [link] 101 users at the moment but I know there are more people using RISC OS in the country.

Drobe: The Show help button acts as submit!

 is a RISC OS UserFootie on 31/1/08 3:29AM
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On Morison in Organizer open source u-turn :

In Reply to Alexander:

 is a RISC OS UserFootie on 31/1/08 3:22AM
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