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Realname: Gary Locock
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Homepage: http://www.bablakejs.co.uk
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On A9home on sale from CJE Micros:

md0u80c9: "most RISC OS users own a PC". Evidence?

 is a RISC OS UserGML on 6/5/06 3:37PM
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On Ovation Pro on Windows overtakes RISC OS original:

OvationPro has received regular updates since the CD version; currently 2.76 of 5.12.05, mostly bugfixes for which we are very grateful. I don't think it is helpful to suggest otherwise. However, yes, it would be good to see new features, and yes I would be delighted to pay for a chargeable upgrade every now and again. Just like ArtWorks and Easiwriter. If there are no upgrades, David has to exist solely on new sales, and of course these are drying up; it is the 'Product Life Cycle' in action. It doesn't mean RO is dying, it just means it isn't expanding. Most of the users who would benefit from OP2 have already got it.

The Windows version is very good, and being on the 'up' slope of the Product Life Cycle it will inevitably exceed sales of the RO product for a while. The real test is the extent to which it makes conquest sales to brand-new users though; I suspect that the majority of current sales are to users who already have the RO version.

The smart thing to do is to have a set of new features ready to sell before the income starts to run dry. This would rejuvenate the RO version IMV. A wider range of import/export formats, (especially Word, PDF) would be highly marketable; friendlier printing options would be good, and so would easier colour editing (more geared to colour lasers, and less to colour plates).

 is a RISC OS UserGML on 28/1/06 12:00AM
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On Iyonix Select demand barely double digits, says ROL:

It is very simple. If ROL /really/ wanted to gauge the support of Iyonix owners, they could have asked them directly, by using the Iyonix-support list. (They /do/ possess an Iyonix, don't they?)

Instead they ask Select users. It's like doing market research for BigMacs at the Vegetarian Society. It isn't anything to do with Business Acumen, it is about getting the answer they wanted all along.

When ROL does go belly-up, as it surely will, they will be able to blame lack of interest from Iyonix users, and lack of help from Castle. Hah!

BTW, the A9 looks like a very useful machine for school use, where space is an intractable problem, but ATM I doubt we will get any, precisely /because/ of it running (a version of) Select. Supporting it alongside a multitude of Iyonixes and a declining fleet of RO 3.7 SARPCs is likely to be horrid. I have deinstalled Select from the machines I had it on for just that reason.


 is a RISC OS UserGML on 30/09/05 10:44PM
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