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On Open source Organizer pondered:

Please do this. After the success of Netsurf and the potential of RISC OS Open, I think an increasing culture of open source will be very good for the revitalisation of the RISC OS scene. Let's add Organizer to the open source portfolio an encourage other authors to do the same thing.

 is a RISC OS UserGinger2 on 2/8/07 9:35PM
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On Qercus reviewed but renewed?:

Interesting article. I've followed the debates and complaints surrounding Qercus in the newsgroups, and have been very put off (in fact, put off the entire RISC OS scene) by the childish, pedantic and cynical moaning that goes on there. The feeling you get from the grumblings, constant one-up-manship and point scoring in c.s.a.m is that these people are not focused on bettering RISC OS and for those of them involved commercially, presenting a professional face. This lack of professionalism does not make one expect them capable of producing a quality product, and thus does not make one inclined to open their wallet. It's a pleasant suprise to read such a glowing review but I must plead with certain posters to the newsgroup (and i'm talking generally here), there are probably a lot of people (like me) who read the postings but don't post, that are half-involved with RISC OS but don't routinely spend as much as we could. Make it easier for us.

 is a RISC OS UserGinger2 on 27/7/07 8:20PM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

The major benefit of LaTeX is its expandibility. Indeed, it's of limited use if you can't get in there and add new packages to get it to behave in just the particular way you want or need. I think this would be really hard to do in something like Techwriter. Although I can see having Techwriter export its equation system to LaTeX files would be very useful (as basically a GUI for LaTeX equations), surely if you need to use LaTeX for academic writing you'd be better just learning how to use LaTeX? Ok, you might say it would still be of value for knocking up simpler LaTeX files (no fancy packages, just tables, sections, figures etc) but just learning to write the LaTeX code for that would only take a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Plus, it's available of RISC OS (don't know how up-to-date mind).

On a related note i'm not sure how common it is for academic publishers to request LaTeX files from researchers these days. I've certainly never experienced it in the biological sciences, speaking as someone in a well-respected research university. They tend to want a Word document or a text file for the main body of text, along with all the figures in a TIFF file of suitable resolution with associated legends as Word docs. Then they sculpt the final output from those using I presume LaTeX or perhaps some other typesetting system).

 is a RISC OS UserGinger2 on 7/7/07 10:52PM
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On RISC OS development charity taking shape:

I think this is a great idea. I brought up the topic on Iconbar a few months ago and it was generally dismissed or people took pains to think of every possible reason why it would fail. Then sat on their hands and complained some more before booting up their Linux or Mac boxes. There's a similar scheme running successfully for the AROS OS which is encouraging developments for the platform. Hopefully it will help here. Actually, I think this could be even better, if people can get involved with things related to platform development that aren't just coding.

 is a RISC OS UserGinger2 on 26/6/07 1:36PM
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On Vigay: I was told to remove my Firefox 2 tutorial:

Doesn't this just really make you want to stick with RISC OS?

 is a RISC OS UserGinger2 on 20/03/07 11:46PM
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