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On South East 2006 show videos:

Unfortunately I have to agree.

Trouble is unless its free (like on other platforms), its not as likely people with stay with RISCOS.

 is a RISC OS UserJDC on 02/11/06 10:18PM
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On South East 2006 show report:

Have to agree with Peter there. While its great to have the skills to do it, you shouldn't feel obliged because of the expectations of others and their reliance on you to deliver. True, many love to develop for the platform for its own sake, and exhibit enthusiasm, but many do it for the satisfaction that others get from their works. When people start making demands, unwarranted criticisms (all too common I notice), and wild misrepresentations, then you lose interest in helping those people. Understandable really.

But lets be realistic here, for the platform to survive, it needs a market, bigger than the one it has now. In order to promote that you need basic functionality that the majority of windows pc's have e.g; Browser (Free by the way, so why would people move to this platform and pay for a browser if they can get it on another platform free?) Media (There is nothing even close to the likes of Media Player or Winamp what can play multiple media types all from one app)

These are basic things the platform needs before you can start with the fancy stuff, and to provide that you need programmers, who are unlikley to provide their skills for free. So no financial return there.

I can relate to where Peter is coming from with this, to deliver you need incentive. Correct me if I'm wrong Peter, but with the attitude prevelent in parts of the community, you seem to have lost this..

 is a RISC OS UserJDC on 26/10/06 00:20AM
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On NetSurf users hit by HSBC account freeze:

Its usually just a clause to protect banks from liability. e.g. if your not up to date we're not liable if your account details are stolen.

I work for HBOS, so would worry more about compatability on our sites, we don't care what browser/os you use as long as its secure enough to stop people stealing your account details. So if it doesn't follow our recommendations we have no liability.

HSBC has gone into 'nanny mode' and actually disabled accounts, which is not only poor service, but removes the customers choices.

 is a RISC OS UserJDC on 24/10/06 9:15PM
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On Castle considering open sourcing RISC OS:

Agreed, although I should point out that there were no assertions there, it was my opinion.

 is a RISC OS UserJDC on 18/08/06 9:26PM
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On Castle considering open sourcing RISC OS:

Which would suggest that at least that element of the article was guesswork/speculation.

Opensourcing (in whole or in part) would have several impacts. 1. Increased software development options. 2. Increased hardware development options (including the possibility of porting code to other platforms) 3. Remove development overheads from Castle so it can concentrate on its STB business whilst (possible) keeping a revenue stream depening on the RO licencing arrangments. 4. Put ROL in the tricky position of continuing (allegedly) to develop RO4 via Select, or supporting an Open Sourced version that is updated by a wider community.

Number 4 is probably of the most interest here (and links in with no 1), as it means that ROL could maintain a RO 'Core' build while managing Open Sourced projects for other parties. It remains to be seen if they would fork the OS. I suspect there would be no more RO5 development per-say, and that the 32 bit version of RO4 would be ported to the Ionyx to merge the forks. This allows ROL to control the full RO (ARM) market.

Sorry there's a lot of of 'ifs' and 'buts' in there, but its the most logical path (IMHO), should Open sourcing go ahead.

 is a RISC OS UserJDC on 18/08/06 6:55PM
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