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On South East 2008 theatre talk videos now online:

I do plan on getting an external Mic. for the camera, as the built in one does pick up a lot of the background noises (And the show noises on the other side of the wall). Hopefully that will improve things.

 is a RISC OS UserLeo on 27/11/08 10:16AM
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On South East 2008 theatre talk videos now online:

Martin's talk was probably the most interesting, but unfortunatly the battery in my video camera died half way through.

I'm planning on getting the first half (Artworks related) uploaded soon. Assuming Google Video doesn't get broken again...

 is a RISC OS UserLeo on 26/11/08 3:49PM
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On South East 2007 show preview:


> Paul is obviously considering the success of the VA on Windows when he talks about his ideal solution being on a basic Linux foundation - and there is a lot of sense in that.

I'm sure he is, and of course that's probably his personal opinion and not necessarily ROL's official position. The bonus of someone producing an Emulator for Linux is that it opens up another market for ROL to sell RO Select to, without them having to do any work...

> Developing an OS for all hardware developers is critical though.

It may be, but its not what ROL is doing (Paul stated that its just not cost effective to produce a version of Select for the Iyonix). Maybe ROOL will have better success at fulfilling this critical task?

 is a RISC OS UserLeo on 19/10/07 3:09PM
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On South East 2007 show preview:


> I disagree with the statement that ROL are looking backwards but I do wonder what the strategy is (or if they actually have one).

Someone asked what the 'wishlist' for Select was for the next year. Paul stated that everyone at ROL had their own ideas, but he wanted to concentrate on fixing bugs that have been present in RISC OS for ages (You know, the ones nobody notices).

In follow up to the questions about possible new ARM hardware, Paul said that he considered an emulator running on a minimal Linux distribution was his ideal solution. Where Linux can handle dealing with all the various devices (graphics, audio, network etc.) and the emulator would then just access them via common Linux APIs.

 is a RISC OS UserLeo on 19/10/07 12:34PM
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On Oregano 3 spotted on a RISC OS desktop:


Whilst the fetcher (Or fetchers) are running Oregano can also be busy processing the HTML, decoding images, processing Styles, executing Javascript, fetching frames, processing user input etc. So it can get a little busy. The 'number of items remaining' count can change as the HTML is processed, as if Oregano finds another IMG, SCRIPT, IFRAME or STYLE tag then the total number of items to fetch increases.

Also Oregan has never 'thrown it all away', bits may get replaced but usually for a good reason (e.g. OS specific UI replaced with a generic HTML based one, mostly static HTML3.2/CSS1 layout engine replaced with a dynamic HTML 4/CSS2 one).

In reply to jess:

Most of the platforms the browser runs on has a GUI, its the one Oregan provides... As for integrating into the RISC OS desktop, this was tricky to do whilst still keeping the code portable, but was acheived for Oregano 2. The RISC OS GUI code is mostly the same in Oregano 3, it just required some tweaks to support new platform APIs and to handle changes in how elements are represented on the page (Mostly used to work out what type of element the menu was opened over so it can fill in the appropaite 'save' information.

Couple more screenshots



And introducing OreganoSEVEN... For when SIX just isn't good enough... ;)


 is a RISC OS UserLeo on 20/9/07 1:47PM
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