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On Is there a way out of RISC OS version number hell?:

I cannot see why merging Basic would be 'highly impractical from a technical viewpoint', so presumably the reason for not doing it must be 'other'. <sigh> But I applaud that you are talking to ROL, and are trying to do something. Don't give up!

 is a RISC OS UserMartinA on 30/4/09 10:51PM
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On Is there a way out of RISC OS version number hell?:

Charlie: I could not agree more. Although I accept that there may be some parts that cannot practically be merged again due to low-level incompatibilies, there MUST be many parts that could be merged. RISC-OS can ill-aford duplication of development effort, especially as it leads to user confusion, and application developers only using common OS facilities and rarely the better facilities available in only one branch or the other.

As a user and developer, I don't care what happened before between the main parties: I just want them to start to find *some* common ground where code can be merged. Toolbox, Clib and Basic would be a good start.

PLEASE can some common sense prevail?

 is a RISC OS UserMartinA on 30/4/09 9:02PM
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On 32bit Insignia released for free:

Paul, I found a Font_DecodeMenu which had no parameters, and when commented out it seemed to work! Was that what you found? I reported it to the email address on the contacts page for a4com. Also the Iyonix scripts did not work for me unless I changed the first line to TextEffX (note the case!)

 is a RISC OS UserMartinA on 12/1/07 10:09PM
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On Using an A3010 as a central heating controller:

egel: for some reason the central heating controller that most builders fit for new houses in UK is still rather basic, with a simple on/off timeswitch and on/off thermostats. Penny pinching, I suspect!

However, surely the *boiler* is always either on or off, and this discussion is about the *controller*. The advantages of a condensing boiler are a separate issue. The controller determines when the boiler is on, depending on the heating requirements, and may be anything from simple to sophisticated. The latter should be more efficient.

ds1: I would have thought that thermostatic radiator valves were for stopping a room getting too hot, not stopping it getting so cold it freezes? Anyway, if the rooms are not near freezing, there is no point in running the boiler at all, as it just heats water for no purpose, thus is inefficient.

 is a RISC OS UserMartinA on 21/10/05 4:02PM
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On Using an A3010 as a central heating controller:

john: It was from DCD Systems - a small company dedicated to their controller. See www.dcd.co.uk for further details. Email me if you want more info from me.

 is a RISC OS UserMartinA on 21/10/05 1:09PM
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